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What We Do

Strategic Analysis & Program Research (SAPR) performs data analysis, provides program research, and creates public visualizations.

Reports and Visualization Quick Links

Data Analysis

Numbers, percentages, proportions and rates are just a few of the data analyses SAPR team members perform on a daily basis to support the Albuquerque Public Schools Community. The complexity of these tasks can range from pulling together a list of current students by subject to tracking academic performance over time by multiple student groups. Examples of data analyses SAPR has provided include:

  • Percentage of students in grades 9-12 taking one or more Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • Number of students enrolled in an Ethnic Studies course
  • Proportion of students identified as gifted by level of classroom integration and school
  • High School graduate vs. non-graduate examination by feeder school patterns
  • Percentage of students enrolled in the AVID program with one or more on-time graduation indicators
  • Title I funds distribution by funding model approach
  • Online curriculum usage by school level (i.e., elementary, middle and high school)

Program Research and Evaluation

This is where rigorous methods and careful study designs meet. Whether it requires a quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods design to answer the research question, the SAPR team is able to provide the Albuquerque Public Schools Community with high quality program research and evaluations.

Public Visualizations

These are just a couple of the public visualizations SAPR has created using Tableau and files produced by the district's Student Information Systems, State Accountability & Reporting team. All visualizations are interactive, dynamic and can be downloaded as an image, PDF and data file (where appropriate).

Enrollment and Demographic Information

  • Description: Enrollment and Demographic Information Visualization (Tableau)
  • Used for: For both strategic planning purposes and to better understand the demographic make up of the communities served by our schools.
  • Updated: At the end of ever New Mexico Public Education Department mandated Student Teacher Accountability Reporting System (STARS) reporting period (40th day, 80th day, 120th day and End-of-Year). Currently, schools are funded based on an average of the 80th and 120th day enrollment counts.

Enrollment and Demographic View Example

APS Geographic Explorer View

Not only does Tableau give SAPR the ability to create interactive tables, it also is helps with the production of interactive maps.

  • Description: APS Geographic Explorer View
  • Used for: Uses latitude and longitude coordinates to plot where our schools are located on top of US Census block data on median household income (2018).
  • How to use: Users can zoom in and out of the map, pan in all directions and use the search feature to center the map on where they are physically located (this requires location features to be turned on in the web browser).

Geographic Explorer View Example

Internal Visualizations

Versifit (accessed via Synergy)

Dependent upon their position, Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) staff members have access to a powerful tool, Versifit. Linked directly to the district's Student Information System, Versifit gives district leadership, school administrators, school counselors and teachers the ability to see students' current and historical attendance, grades, behavior and interim and state assessment data. Versifit reports include:

  • Feeds-To
  • Mathematics Placement
  • Early Warning Indicators (EWIs) and 
  • Exit Exam Status Report.
  • Under development: Look-back feature that will allow teachers to see how their prior students are doing in school.

Versifit Example

G Suite Visualizations (accessed via APS account)

To help monitor the various data requests and analyses that the Student Information Systems (SIS) and SAPR teams receive both internally and externally, SAPR hosts and maintains the Data Requests and Analyses Tracking Sheet. This sheet utilizes Google Sheets and is shared across the two teams to ensure that all requests are responded to in a timely manner. Because it is a shared Google Sheet, the document can be used by multiple people at once without having to worry about versioning.

APS Internal Visualizations

Internal Visualizations (Google Site) are created for an internal audience and require an APS account.