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Endangered Species Curriculum

A middle school curriculum with lessons about 5 different New Mexico Species of Concern.

Curriculum Introduction

Adorable pika on a rock looking off to the side.

Educating Ecosystems Explorers is a comprehensive endangered species curriculum with lessons for each of 5 New Mexico Species of Concern, designed for use with middle school students and aligned to Next Generation Science Standards.

Students investigate threats to the species and their habitats, use critical thinking to assess threats and current conditions, interpret data presented in a variety of formats, write management and recovery plans, and more.

This curriculum was developed by SMNHC educators in 2020 and funded by an education grant from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Share with Wildlife program. 

Curriculum Contents

This curriculum includes the following lesson plans and activities:

Mexican spotted owl perched in a tree

  • Introduction to Endangered Species
  • Meadow Jumping Mouse
  • A Place for Pika
  • A Refuge for Rattlesnakes
  • Mexican Spotted Owl Predicament
  • Rio Grande Silvery Minnow Controversy

New Mexico Ridge-Nosed rattlesnake in Hidalgo County, New Mexico.Each lesson plan provides all information needed for teachers to implement, adapt, and expand curriculum for their class, including warm-up and culmination activities, accommodation and modification suggestions, essential questions, vocabulary words, and full standards alignment.

Access the Curriculum

New Mexico silvery minnow in a handThis pdf document contains the entire curriculum for teachers, and all lessons in printable format to provide to students.

The document is accessible.

Educating Ecosystems Explorers: An Endangered Species Curriculum (PDF)

Learn More

Read more about our curriculum on the New Mexico Game and Fish Share with Wildlife website: Creating A New Curriculum at Sandia Mountain Natural History Center.

This page was last updated on: January 5, 2022.