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Special challenges

Fleet Maintenance's present challenges

Managing APS Driver’s License Program requires time-intensive work

Several years ago the Department’s Fleet Specialist took over the program from the APS Risk Management Division. In assuming the role, the intensive time needed in getting up to date with initial driver licensing was anticipated; not expected is the continuous time demanding management of the program. Each APS driver’s license renewal (every two years) takes 15−30 minutes and to register a new employee takes at least 30 minutes as each requires the verification of driver information in two databases and data entry into four databases. Administering the Driver’s License Program is consuming approximately 30% of the Fleet Specialist’s time. To lessen discussion time, she created an instructional “How To” package for each situation (new driver, driver renewal, and accidents) that includes all application information for each driver. This has helped with faster completion of all applications.

Vehicle repairs have escalated significantly due to age of fleet

There has been a 13.6% decline in reactive work orders. However, this is a bit misleading. The 16.8% increase in PM work is due to performing the many more discovered needed repairs found in routine inspections. Quite simply, an old fleet needs a lot more care and attention to keep it safely on the road.

Vehicle accidents have increased dramatically

Logo for IADA, the "Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers"

APS drivers in 2015-16 were involved in many more accidents, irrespective of fault, and in many cases the damage exceeded the value of the vehicle. It can be a bit thorny to resolve such a problem as the $3,000 vehicle with $3,200 in damage is needed and cannot be replaced for the value amount. For M&O vehicles, Risk Management engages the services of I.A.D.A. Automotive Damage Appraisers to officially determine the extent of the damages which aids in deciding how to proceed. Should damages exceed the value of the vehicle, APS Risk Management will issue a check for the value of the vehicle and Fleet Maintenance will have it repaired and pay the lesser $750 deductible expense. Other departments are responsible for making this decision and paying the deductible for their department vehicles.