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Financial Aid/Scholarships

If you plan to attend college or trade school, completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) can help you finance your education after high school.

FAFSA Overview

After Submission:

  • You will receive information on your estimated Student Aid Index (a number used by college and career/trade schools to determine your eligibility for federal student aid)
  • Be sure to read any emails from Federal Student Aid
  • Communicate with the financial aid office at the college you hope to attend. They may request additional information

For Additional Information


The APS Scholarship Website contains local, statewide, regional, and national scholarships, as well as scholarship search engines and additional financial aid information.  Students and other users can bookmark the Google Sheet or download a copy of the sheet for reference.

There are several reputable scholarship search engines that high school students can use to find scholarships. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Bold: Bold offers a great user experience and have lots of unique scholarships on their site. While some of these scholarships are more general “easy” and “no essay” scholarships, Bold also features more specific awards for students with different career interests, demographic backgrounds, and other experiences. 
  • College Board Scholarship SearchThis search engine is provided by the College Board, the organization behind the SAT. It allows students to find scholarships, internships, grants, and other financial aid opportunities.
  • Going Merry aims to simplify scholarship applications for students. Signing up is free, but students can also check to see how much they're eligible for in scholarships without signing up.
  • Fastweb: Fastweb is one of the largest and most frequently updated scholarship databases. It allows students to create a profile and matches them with relevant scholarships based on their interests, skills, and demographics.

  • Similar to Fastweb, offers a vast database of scholarships that students can search and apply for. It also provides tools to filter scholarships based on various criteria.