Steps to Completing the Online Volunteer Application

Detailed instructions on how to complete the volunteer application.

Need Help?

Contact APS Applicant Processing at (505) 889-4820 if you need assistance with the registration process or to verify they received your application.

Getting Started

Information to Have

  • Driver's license
  • Credit or debit card
  • Social security number
If you are an undocumented parent wishing to volunteer, please contact the Background and Fingerprinting Department for assistance or Sandra Villela at 

Estimated Time to Complete

  • 10–20 minutes to begin and submit your application online
  • 3–10 business days for APS Applicant Processing to approve your application

Sections to Complete

Here's a sneak peek of what information you'll need to provide in the Volunteer Application Portal (Winocular):

Contact Information
Name, email, social security number, driver's license number, address, phone number, APS employee ID (if applicable), and APS student information (if applicable).
Personal Information
Specify any languages you speak.
Location Preferences
Specify the schools where you'd like to volunteer. Save and Continue to progress through each level: elementary, middle, high school, and magnet schools.
Note: You can Save and Continue each page without specifying a school. For example, if you have a child in middle school, you don't have to select an elementary school or high school.
Volunteer Profile
In this three-page section, let us know about your availability, how you were recruited to volunteer, list any skills or talents, and state areas of interests (e.g. being a Field Trip Chaperone).
Confidential Agreement
Confirm that you understand and agree to the Volunteer Confidential Information Agreement Form, including the payment of a background check fee.
Background Information
Disclose criminal history background information.
Required Documents
Read and initial the following documents, which can be printed at the end of your application: Volunteer Technology Acceptable Use Policy; Sexual Harassment Policy; Drug-free Workplace Act Agreement; Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect Policy; School Volunteer Conduct and Code of Ethics; Guidelines for Volunteers.
Background Check Payment
Pay online through PayPal. Payment directions available below.
Review and Print
You have the option to review and print each of the Required Documents you signed.
Click Submit Application to finish your application. Any incomplete sections will be listed here.


Step 1: Create a User Account

  1. Go to the Volunteer Application Portal (Winocular)
  2. Log into Winocular:
    • New user: Register a User ID and Password
    • Returning user: Log in with existing User ID and Password
    • APS Employee: Use your APS e-number and password. If you have ever applied for or worked for APS you may already have a User ID and Password.  

Step 2: Start Your Application

  1. Scroll to Online Applications
  2. Click Add New Application
  3. On the next window, What type of position are you applying for?, select Volunteer.
  4. Click Start Application.

Step 3: Fill Out and Submit Your Application

  1. Read through the instructions carefully. You may review your information at any time by revisiting the section or clicking the Review link on the left.
  2. Complete the entire application. Be sure to click Save/Continue at the bottom of each page.
  3. Submit payment in the Background Check Payment section: 
    1. Click Payment via credit card using Paypal.
    2. Click Pay Now.
    3. A new window in PayPal called ALBUQUERQUE PUBLIC SCH will open.
    4. Enter credit card information and click Pay Now to submit payment.
    5. You'll be directed to a payment confirmation page. Copy the Reference Number. 
    6. Go back to your volunteer application in Winocular.
    7. Paste the Reference Number into the field Enter Order/Transaction ID number. 
    8. Click Save and Continue at the bottom of the page.
  4. When all sections are completed, including the Background Check Payment section, click Submit Application.
  5. It may take a minute to submit your application. Don't close the window until you see a page with the statement, "Your Application has been successfully submitted."

How to Pay Online

Remember: You must complete the Background Check Payment in order to complete and submit the Volunteer Application.

Payment Reference Number/Order ID

If you pay online through PayPal and don't see the payment reference number in the browser, refer to your email.

Look for an email from  with the subject line, "Order Confirmation." You need the Order ID to complete the Background Check Payment section of your Volunteer Application.

Step 4: Application Approval

Once your application is submitted, APS Applicant Processing will need to approve your application. It may take 3 to 10 business days for your application to be approved.

You will receive an email when that your application has been approved.

Step 5: Volunteer

You're ready to volunteer! Remember: you must print and bring the approval email with you when you attend school functions and/or volunteer.