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Transportation FAQs

Have questions about the Transportation at APS? Find Frequently Asked Questions.

When to Contact Transportation Services

I tried to call Student Transportation Services and could not get through. Why is that?

At the start of school, Student Transportation Services (STS) Call Center volume surges due to questions about bus stops, routing, and timeliness of buses. Additional staff is provided during this time, however, Call Center wait times may average 15 minutes.

I called Student Transportation Services and they were not helpful. What should I do?

Every individual contacting STS including school leaders, parents, and community members should be greeted with a positive tone and provided the name of the representative they are speaking with. Should the caller be treated with anything less than a respectful and service-oriented interaction, please contact one of our Transportation Managers or Transportation Director.

What visibility do we have into overall service quality? How do we track on-time student pickup and drop-off?

Student Transportation Services uses the below applications and information as primary measures of service:

  1. GPS (Zonar®) for tracking bus performance
  2. Regional Transportation Staff reports
  3. Schools and Parents notifying Student Transportation Services of issues
  4. Drivers calling into Dispatch after running 10 minutes behind on a route

When to Contact the Bus Contractor

Are service issues handled directly through the contractor or do they route through Student Transportation Services' internal systems?

If your student's school bus is late it is best to call the contractor directly. Contractor information can be found online at Bus Contractors. Ongoing service issues are handled through Student Transportation Services

What should I do if my student's bus is late?

Drivers plan to run routes as scheduled. However, it is possible for delays to occur due to traffic, weather, construction, or other circumstances that affect movement in a large urban area.

If the bus is late, we recommend that your student stays at the bus stop location. The bus or a replacement bus will complete the route as soon as possible and you may miss the bus if you are not at the stop. Families should create a plan with their student(s) in the event that the bus is late.

You may also contact the school bus contractor that manages your student's bus route. Contractor information can be found online at Bus Contractors.

I have a complaint regarding my student's bus driver or bus service. What should I do?

To file a complaint please contact the transportation office by email at . Please include the following information:

  • Bus number, date/time that the incident occurred
  • Explanation of the incident
  • Your contact information

Bus Eligibility

Is my student eligible for transportation?

APS provides bus transportation to:

  • High School students who live more than 2 miles from their school of residence
  • Middle School students who live more than 1.5 miles from their school of residence
  • Elementary School students who live more than 1 mile from their school of residence

Please Note: If your student is in Kindergarten, a parent/guardian must be present at the bus stop in the afternoon. Otherwise, the bus driver will take the student back to their school.

APS does not provide school bus transportation to transfer students.

If there are additional questions/inquiries regarding transportation eligibility, please contact Transportation.

I had a bus last year. Why don't I get a bus this year?

There are a number of reasons why transportation services may be changed. There are ongoing changes each year and modifications, which impact the transportation being provided. There are also several building relocations as schools are constructed or updated. Additionally, for a special education student, their IEP team may have determined the service is no longer required.

My Google® Map says my residence is more than the specified walking distance from my school. Why is my student not receiving transportation services?

Student Transportation Services uses internal routing and planning software to map routes based on eligibility information within the system. This determines final transportation assignments for Albuquerque resident students.

My student is in elementary school and I live 1.49 miles from our school of residence. Does Student Transportation Services round mileage up?

We do not round mileage up. Student Transportation Services strictly adheres to the eligibility information provided by our routing and planning software.

About Bus Routes

Can I change to a different bus route/bus stop?

Students have one bus stop in the morning and one bus stop in the afternoon. If you are requesting a stop change for a daycare or alternate address, you will need to contact the transportation office and provide the following information:

  • Complete daycare/alternate address
  • Name of the person responsible for your student
  • A phone number that person can be reached at
  • Your student's name, student ID number, and parent or guardian contact information

Normal processing for a stop change request could take up to two weeks. Additional processing time should be expected during the start of the school year due to the high volume of requests. If you are requesting a different bus route or different stop location, you will need to contact the transportation office and request your preferred bus/bus stop. You will be asked to provide a brief explanation about why you are requesting the change.

Your request will be checked against safety guidelines and Transportation Service Standards. Responses to requests are usually answered through email with a new assignment or a denial letter explaining the reason for the decision.

Can I change my student's drop-off bus stop for a day to go to a friend's house?

No, Student Transportation Services transports an average of 41,000 students to and from school daily. With student safety in mind, temporary transportation arrangements are not permitted.

Do I have to be at the bus stop in order for the bus driver to let my student off the school bus?

Special education students must be met at their bus stop location unless their parent/guardian has authorized a release of responsibility, which gives permission for their student to get off the bus without someone present. The student's school must contact Student Transportation Services to give permission for a special education student to be left unattended.

For general education students in grades 1 - 12, parents do not need to be at the bus stop for their student to be let off the bus. However, we encourage all parents/guardians to have a plan in place so that their student arrives home safely.

General education students in kindergarten must be met at their bus stop location in the afternoon; otherwise, the bus driver will return the student to their school location.

If a general education student in kindergarten cannot be dropped off because someone was not there to meet them at the bus stop, or a general education student was uncomfortable getting off the bus without someone there to meet them the following will occur:

  • The bus driver will contact the dispatcher to let them know that they have a student who cannot/will not get off the bus and in most cases, continue on their route to deliver any other students still on the bus.
  • The dispatcher will attempt to contact the parent/guardian.
  • If the parent/guardian can be reached arrangements will be made to connect the student to their parent/guardian.
  • If the parent/guardian cannot be reached, the student will be returned to the school.

Contact Us

Physical Address: 4000 Osuna Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109
Main Phone: (505) 880-3989
Dispatch Phone: (505) 298-6831
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The highest volume of calls is received between 7 a.m. - 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. when school buses are providing service. Your patience is appreciated.