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Student and Staff Supports

Student and Staff Supports Department includes: Student Threat Assessment, 504, and Students with Long Term Medical Absences

Threat Assessment

The primary goal of the Threat Assessment Program is to prevent targeted school violence. The threat assessment process involves identifying, assessing, and managing students who might pose a risk of violence to an identified or identifiable target. (Another student, staff member or facility)

Employee Assistance Program

Call 884-9738

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free counseling program available to all APS employees and their families. EAP supports and assists employees with personal and/or work-related problems that impact their job performance.

Section 504

Cell: 269-5545
Desk: 855-9840

Students who are classified as disabled under Section 504 but not in need of/or receiving special education and/or related services shall be provided reasonable accommodations to meet their special needs in the regular classroom setting.

Educational Support for Students with Long Term Medical Absences

Cell: 269-5545
Desk: 855-9840

Schools shall provide educational support options for parents/guardians of students who experience long-term medical absences as defined as 10 or more consecutive days out of school due to a medical injury or illness.