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Employee Wellness News

Posted: August 10, 2021

August 2021 Employee Wellness Newsletter

APS wellness programs and more fitness and nutrition trends in the news.

Because all the time we are human.

Which means it doesn’t matter whether you are an amazing Olympic athlete or an average weekend walker - we’re all a bit fragile at some point in our lives.  We feel fear, stress, anxiety, depression, frustration over work and life events. Sometimes we need a little help coping with that.

We are starting the school year once again with disappointment over this persistent COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty about what the future holds. My encouragement to you this week is to remember that we’ve been here before. Some in our midst might feel okay with that thought, while others may need a bridge with an extended hand to steady them across troubled waters and through challenging days.

Let’s be the bridge. Let’s offer a hand and let’s keep being stronger together for everyone’s well-being. Really, that's the only way we can get through this in a healthy, whole way. 

So, whether you need a hand or use this post as a chance to offer one to someone else, please take a look at APS Employee Wellness resources and share them with your co-workers and friends. 

  • Financial Wellness Workshops - One of the leading causes of stress is money and stress is a leading cause of illness. We hosted several workshops available for on-demand viewing. Check them out in the  Financial Wellness Way folder. 
  • The Mental Health Corner has APS EAP information, virtual/telehealth mental health benefits, MyStress tools, and local support services. 
  • Join the Life on Mindfulness Program and receive monthly content, access to weekly drop-in meditations, and Saturday workshops.
  • For help with weight management and other lifestyle goals, APS offers free Health Coaching!
  • Manage your high blood pressure and diabetes with Livongo. This program provides high-tech integrated tools and one on one coaching to help you get your blood pressure, diabetes, and weight under control. 
  • Blue Cross Shield -NM members have a special Well on Target Fitness Plan promotion for the month of September. 
  • There is still lots of time to participate in the 2021 Wellness Incentive Program! Do wellness, log points, and earn awesome prizes! We offer 1-3 month NMSW memberships, LesMills OnDemand subscriptions, gift cards to Stone Age, Sports Systems, Wecks, Flying Star, and more!

Another way to stay stronger together is to connect to APS Employee wellness via the Google Event Calendar, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the APS Employee Wellness YouTube channel where you can also find weekly stretch breaks!