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Direct Legislative Appropriations

Direct legislative appropriations are requests Albuquerque Public Schools can make to our state legislators during the legislative session. These are also known as capital outlay requests.

In order to be transparent, fair, and efficient stewards of state funds, APS created both Board Policy and an Administrative Procedural Directive to detail this process.

A request for capital appropriation requires collaboration across district departments and school site leaders. The Government Affairs Team works with the Capital Master Plan and Finance Teams to establish funding priorities in late spring or early summer. Those priorities turn into options for principals to select small projects to improve buildings and facilities at schools that complement the larger construction and upgrades at the school site or across the district.  

For the upcoming legislative session, starting in January 2024, principals will pick from four project areas. 

Please contact Jessica Martinez at  or Joseph Escobedo at with any questions regarding the capital outlay request process. 

For questions regarding the status of a previously approved legislative appropriation, contact Estella Montoya at