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Past Projects

APS has spent millions of taxpayer-approved dollars renovating, rebuilding and repairing aging schools.

In November 2019, voters approved a bond/mill levy package that has helped finance urgent and basic repairs across the district. 

The funds generated have been used for repairs like fixing leaky roofs, removing lead in drinking fountains, upgrading electrical wiring, and fixing heating and cooling systems. The money also helped us make ADA improvements like wheelchair ramps and accessible restrooms. And it went toward enhancing school security on all campuses, providing transportation, renovating and replacing aging classrooms and schools, and supplying libraries, science, PE, music, and art. A portion of the funding went to charter schools. 

Major School Construction Projects Enabled by Passage of Bond/Mill Levy Package in November 2019
School DescriptionBudgetStatus
Career Enrichment Center / Early College Academy Construction of new classrooms and renovation of old building   $12.3M Under Construction 
Rio Grande HS Construction of Phase 3 of a 5-phased school replacement  $24.9M Under Construction 
Monte Vista ES Construction of a new classroom block  $6.8M Construction slated to start in February 2022
Janet Kahn School of Integrated Arts Construction of 2 final phases of replacement school  $27M Construction slated to start in December 2021
Lavaland ES Construction of a new classroom block  $13.8M Under construction 
Jackson MS Construction of next 2 phases (PE, classroom block, administration) $21.8M Construction slated to start in February 2022
Navajo ES Construction of kindergarten, art and music classrooms  $11.5M Under construction 
APS Student Transportation Bus Depot (Westside) Construction of a 200-bus student transportation depot  $12.1M Construction slated to start in October 2021 
APS Student Transportation Main Bus Depot Renovation of 350-bus student transportation depot (main facility) $12.1M Under construction 
Coyote Willow Family School Construction and final phase of classrooms  $10.5M Complete 
Turf Fields Install artificial turf fields at schools across the district $3M Complete 
Districtwide School & Educational Support Enabled by Passage of Bond/Mill Levy Package in November 2019
Districtwide School/Educational Support Allocation Budget
School Maintenance  $92.3M
ADA Compliance  $10M
Print/Copier Instructional Materials Optimization  $1.5M
School PE Equipment  $4.8M
School Improvement Fund  $12.3M
School Library Equipment  $3M
School Career Vocational Equipment  $1M
School Music & Fine Arts Equipment  $7.3M
School Science Equipment  $1.8M
School Instructional Technology Equipment & Hardware  $28M
School Safety/Security Equipment & Hardware  $4.5M
Charter School Facilities & Materials Allocation  $30M

More School Election Projects

Find out about projects paid for with overwhelming voter support in the 2010, 2013, and 2016 Bond/Mill Levy Elections. 

2010 School Election Projects

  1. Adobe Acres ES Kindergarten Addition
  2. Alamosa ES Phase II Kindergarten Wing
  3. Alvarado ES Kindergarten Wing and Playground
  4. Atrisco ES New Classroom, Kitchen, Administrative Offices
  5. John Baker ES Addition
  6. John Baker ES Classroom Replacement
  7. EG Ross ES Administrative Offices and Site Improvements
  8. Hubert Humphrey ES Playground and Parking
  9. Bandelier ES Kindergarten, Playground and ADA Compliance
  10. Barcelona ES Classroom and Art Room
  11. Onate ES Phase I Kindergarten Classrooms
  12. Onate Phase II Classroom Block
  13. Bel-Air ES Central Courtyard
  14. Chaparral ES Kindergarten Wing
  15. Chelwood ES Phase III Classroom Addition
  16. Collet Park ES Administrative Offices, Cafeteria, and Playgrounds
  17. Comanche ES Kindergarten and Administrative Offices
  18. Coronado ES Entry and Restroom
  19. Dolores Gonzales ES Classroom Block
  20. Duranes ES Kindergarten and Classroom Addition
  21. Emerson ES Kindergarten Addition
  22. Eubank (Janet Kahn) ES Phase I and Ia School Rebuild
  23. Hawthorne ES Administrative Offices, Media Center and Cafeteria Remodel
  24. Hodgin ES Kindergarten Wing
  25. Inez ES Kitchen, Cafeteria and Fine Arts Classrooms
  26. SR Marmon ES New School
  27. La Luz ES Administrative Offices, Kitchen and Cafeteria
  28. Lavaland ES New Gym, Administrative Offices, Cafeteria
  29. MacArthur ES New Kindergarten Wing and School Renovation
  30. McCollum ES Administrative Offices and Kindergarten Wing
  31. Mitchell ES Cafeteria Remodel
  32. Monte Vista ES Renovation and Refurbishment
  33. Montezuma ES Turf Field
  34. A. Montoya ES Kindergarten Wing and Computer Lab
  35. Mountain View ES HVAC
  36. Mountain View ES School Replacement
  37. Navajo ES Phases 4a, 4b and 4c
  38. Georgia O'Keeffe ES New School
  39. Arroyo del Oso ES Administration Addition
  40. Reginald Chavez New Classroom Block
  41. Osuna ES Phase II Administrative Offices
  42. Double Eagle ES Main Entrance
  43. Corrales ES Cafeteria and Drainage
  44. SY Jackson ES Music, Art, and Drainage
  45. Marie Hughes ES Total Campus Rebuild
  46. Valle Vista ES New Classroom Block
  47. Wherry ES Complete School Rebuild
  48. Zuni ES Kitchen Additions and Renovations
  49. Tierra Antigua ES New School
  50. Rudolfo Anaya ES New School
  51. Sunset View ES New School
  52. Helen Cordero K-3 Parking and Bus Lane Improvements
  53. John Adams MS Renovations and Science Upgrades
  54. Cleveland MS Turf Field
  55. Hoover MS Cafeteria and Administrative Offices
  56. Jackson MS HVAC Renovation
  57. Jefferson MS HVAC and Site
  58. Kennedy MS ADA Improvements
  59. Madison MS Gymnasium
  60. McKinley MS Reroof and Renovation
  61. McKinley MS Classroom Addition
  62. Ernie Pyle MS Re-Roof
  63. Taft MS New Administration and Science Lab Renovation
  64. Taylor MS New Classroom Addition
  65. Wilson MS Classroom Renovation
  66. Truman MS Classroom Addition
  67. Eisenhower MS New Gym
  68. Tony Hillerman MS New School
  69. GI Sanchez K8 New School
  70. Del Norte HS Phase I and II
  71. Nex+Gen HS New Building
  72. Highland HS Figge Hall Music and Vocational
  73. La Cueva HS Access and Security
  74. Manzano HS Drainage and Expansion
  75. Rio Grande HS 9th Grade Academy
  76. Rio Grande HS Class Wing Refurbish
  77. Rio Grande HS Commons
  78. Rio Grande HS ISP Wing
  79. Rio Grande HS Turf Field
  80. Sandia HS Classroom Remodel
  81. Sandia HS PAC and Gym Remodel
  82. Valley HS Engineering and Fine Arts Building
  83. Valley HS Title IX Gym Building
  84. West Mesa HS Mustang Academy
  85. Volcano Vista HS Performing Arts Center
  86. Atrisco Heritage Academy New School, 10th and 11th Buildings
  87. Cibola HS Commons
  88. New Futures
  89. eCademy HS New Building
  90. CEC & ECA Two-Story Instructional Building
  91. Desert Willow Family School Phase I Construction
  92. APS Police Command Center
  93. Aztec ISP Hub
  94. Berna Facio Teacher and Professional Training Center 95 KANW New Radio Station
  95. Sandia Mountain Natural History Center
  96. Northwest Soccer Complex
  97. Milne Stadium Turf and Track Replacement
  98. Wilson Stadium
  99. Nusenda Stadium
  100. Food and Nutrition Services Facility
  101. Digital Arts and Technology Academy Remodel
  102. Montessori of the Rio Grande Phase I Classroom Block
  103. South Valley Academy Administrative Offices, Classrooms and Media Center
  104. RFK HS Gym and Assembly Area
  105. PAPA pending construction
  106. Native American Charter School New High School Classroom Building
  107. $40 million directly to charter schools in the APS district.

2013 School Election Projects

2016 School Election Projects

  1. Arroyo del Oso ES Total Design and Rebuild
  2. Barcelona ES Administrative Offices, Media Center and Cafeteria
  3. Sierra Vista ES Two-Story Addition
  4. Ventana Ranch ES New Kindergarten Wing
  5. Double Eagle ES Drainage and Playground
  6. Monte Vista ES New Classroom Block and Art Room
  7. Hubert Humphrey ES New School
  8. Lavaland ES New Classroom Building
  9. Valle Vista ES New Classroom Block
  10. Janet Kahn ES Rebuild Phase II
  11. MA Binford ES New Classroom Block
  12. Zia ES New Classroom Block
  13. Tres Volcanes New K-8 School
  14. Jackson MS New Cafeteria and Drama
  15. McKinley MS New Two Story Classroom Block Phase II
  16. Albuquerque HS Performing Arts Cafeteria and Commons
  17. Highland HS Title IX Gym
  18. Highland HS Phase Ib Classroom Block
  19. La Cueva HS ISP and Gym
  20. Manzano HS Title IX Gym
  21. Rio Grande HS Title IX Athletics
  22. Desert Willow Phase II School Expansion
  23. Coyote Willow Family School New K-8 School
  24. Aztec ISP Hub
  25. Berna Facio Teacher & Professional Training Center
  26. Sandia Mountain Natural History Center
  27. APS School Transportation Depot
  28. KANW Parking and PV Array
  29. APS Police Command Center
  30. Public Academy for the Performing Arts
  31. NACA, CCHS New School Buildings at CNM
  32. Montessori of the Rio Grande New Classroom Block and Administrative Offices
  33. Digital Arts and Technology Academy Remodel
  34. $58 million directly to charter schools within the APS district.