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Section 504/ADA: Physical Access for Students, Parents, and Employees with Disabilities


  1. The site administrator will identify a need for physical access to a specific building, office, restroom, program or other area of the site by a specific student, parent, employee or community member with a disability.  This must include:
    1. verification that the person has a disability preventing access in the current situation, and
    2. verification that the person has a legitimate need for access to that area on a continuing basis.
  2. The site administrator will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the person with a disability by means already available within the site.
  3. If on-site accommodations appear inadequate (following efforts described in “2” above), the administrator will submit a Physical Access Request form to the attention of the Physical Access Specialist, located at the Facilities Planning and Construction Department.
  4. Following receipt of a Physical Access Request form, the request will be reviewed by the Physical Access Specialist.  The Physical Access Specialist and/or Physical Access Committee member will visit the site and explore the needs and options for a solution.
  5. The Physical Access Committee will meet to suggest a solution, based on information gathered by the Physical Access Specialist.
    1. Suggested solutions such as assistive technology devices; acquisition or modification of equipment or devices, training, or job modifications will be handled through the appropriate channels.
    2. If there is a need for physical modification, the Physical Access Specialist will submit the request to Maintenance and Operations or Special Projects for an estimate.
      1. Maintenance and Operations or Special Projects will complete a cost estimate and provide the Physical Access Specialist with that information.
      2. The Physical Access Specialist will complete the appropriate work order forms.
      3. Approval for remodeling will be obtained from the Physical Access Specialist or designee if the estimate does not exceed $2,500.  If the proposed project cost exceeds $2,500, approval must be obtained from the Physical Access District Committee.
      4. Maintenance and Operations or Special Projects will be directed to proceed with the remodeling.
  1. Records of requests and status of those requests will be maintained by the Facilities Planning and Construction Office or the Physical Access Specialist.

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Revised: May 1995
Revised: April 1996
Revised: May 1996
Revised: May 1997
Revised: January 2005