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School Photographs and Yearbooks


The Procurement Division shall from time to time solicit bids with intent to award and maintain contracts with a pool of qualified photographers. A list of those businesses receiving awards shall be categorized according to their capabilities and types of photography offered and provided to the schools in a timely manner. Each school will review the available choices either by committee or acceptable alternative and make a selection(s). It is not required to use one photographer for all events and the school may choose within areas of specialized expertise such as sports activities, dances, group photos etc.

The Principal must approve and sign all picture contracts. Any contract signed by PTA/PTO members or parents will be null and void. Any contract presented to the school must be approved as to form by the Procurement Division. A standard contract form will be implemented if that proposed by the photographer is contradictory to the bid process or in some manner unsatisfactory. No school is obligated to take pictures. No family portraits will be taken.

Yearbooks - Senior High Schools

The Procurement Division shall from time to time solicit bids with intent to award yearbook contracts to qualified publishers. The schools shall establish a yearbook committee, which may include student or parent representation, but must always include the yearbook advisor and Principal as equal voters. This committee shall evaluate the bid responses according to the stated criteria and make a recommendation for award to the Procurement Division from the responses received. Publishers not submitting bids will not be allowed to service the schools. Financial matters will be the responsibility of the Principal.

Yearbooks - Middle and Elementary Schools

These publications may take the form of "memory books" or similar and are often done on equipment at the District Library Technical Services. Some photographers also offer this as a part of their package.

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Revised: May 1995
Revised: April 1996
Revised: May 1997