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Banning Individuals from School Campuses

While schools make every reasonable effort to welcome parents and other community members to participate in school activities, an individual may be banned from a school campus if:

  1. he/she presents a threat to the safety of students and/or employees of the District, or other individuals appropriately participating in a school activity, or
  2. he/she creates a disruption to the educational process.

Banning a parent from campus is a serious action that the District wishes to avoid if at all possible. Principals are urged to attempt other interventions, such as a warning letter, before turning to banning a parent. However, safety concerns for the school community must take priority. Contact the Student Service Center for a copy of the Warning Template.

Immediate Situations

In situations in which there is an immediate threat to safety or immediate interference in the educational process, the principal proceeds as follows:

  1. Ask the individual to leave the campus.
  2. If the individual does not comply, the principal contacts APS School Police or another appropriate police agency to request assistance in removing the individual from the campus.
  3. If the principal has reason to extend the ban beyond the single incident, he/she follows steps 1 through 4 in the section below. (Non-Immediate Situations.)

Non-Immediate Situations

  1. Prior to taking any such action, the principal should discuss the issue with the appropriate Associate Superintendent and request permission to issue a ban letter.
  2. If a ban letter is approved, the principal then issues the District form letter used for notifying an individual that he/she has been banned from a school campus, with appropriate details included. Contact the Student Service Center for a copy of the Ban Template.
  3. The principal sends the letter by Certified Mail to the individual being banned, with a copy also sent to APS School Police, the APS Student Service Center and the appropriate Associate Superintendent.
  4. Every ban situation must be reviewed at least annually, or earlier at the principal’s discretion. Bans will not carry over from one year to the next, unless with the permission of the appropriate Associate Superintendent.

Service Center Database

The APS Service Center will maintain a database listing of any parent that has been banned. This listing will be provided to the Superintendent upon request to keep him/her advised of the level of banning activity by school.

NSBA/NEPN Classification

Approved: February 2003
Revised: October 2008