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Student Teacher and Preservice Teacher Placement in School

Coordination of the student teaching program should be a joint venture involving colleges, universities, and the Albuquerque Public Schools.

Any major program changes or special projects should be reviewed and approved by the APS Assistant Superintendent responsible for Curriculum and Instruction and the university department or program involved.

Administration and supervisory personnel from each university and APS should hold meetings periodically with cooperating teachers to inform all persons of program policies and procedures.

Selection of Cooperating Teachers

Potential cooperating teachers could be identified by APS school administrators, central office staff, SDU staff, or university personnel.

Cooperating teachers should be approved by the school principal.

Cooperating teachers should:

  1. Possess in-depth knowledge of the subjects being taught, teaching methods and strategies and be considered an effective teacher.
  2. Have three or more years experience in APS. In the case of a most effective teacher or in special cases and projects, this requirement may be waived.
  3. Indicate an interest in working with and helping university students.
  4. Possess supervisory ability. Formal course work in supervision is desirable but not required.

Assignment of Student and Preservice Teachers

  1. Written assignment forms should be issued to student teachers by university directors or program coordinators after the selection process for cooperating teachers, outlined above, has been completed.
  2. Student teachers should call the individual school administrator (principal or assistant) responsible for placement and make an appointment.
  3. Conferences should be held involving the administrator, cooperating teacher, and student teacher. If a satisfactory assignment can be made, all parties should sign the official university placement form, each retaining a copy.
  4. The student teacher should return one or more copies of the completed placement form to the university coordinator/director.

Supervision of Student and Preservice Teachers

The supervision of student teachers is a joint responsibility. Both university and APS personnel must inform the student teacher on policies and regulations and provide regular supervision in classrooms.

Should problems arise, the cooperating teacher should first contact the designated school administrator who, in turn, should contact the university director or coordinator for assistance needed.


NSBA/NEPN Classification: LDA

Revised: May 1995

Revised: April 1996

Revised: May 1997

Revised: June 2002