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Data Security

Department or school personnel using printed listings containing sensitive or personal information on students or employees should exercise great care in their use, storage and destruction of said listings. It is the individual employee’s responsibility to prevent unauthorized access to them, by employees, staff or outside individuals. Dissemination of such listings beyond the scope of their original purposes, such as using a student roster to develop a political mailing, is prohibited.

Printed listings with private or sensitive information will be destroyed after use or when they have been replaced. Proper methods of destruction are shredding or submission to an authorized re-cycling organization who will provide a certificate of destruction for each full recycling bin.

Users of PC’s or terminals that have access to the central databases of the District containing private or sensitive information, e.g. the Student Information System, the Finance or Payroll Database, must sign off the database or use a screen saver that requires a password. when they will not be using the terminal or PC or when they leave the room, even for a minute.

Unauthorized release of sensitive or private information from a printed listing or computer terminals or unauthorized use of computer terminals is prohibited and is grounds for disciplinary action including dismissal.

Internal Information Requests

Information requests from schools and other APS sites should be submitted on the form, "Request for Computer Services" (AD-19). The purpose of the request and/or the use of the requested information should be clearly stated. This form requires the signature of the Principal or department Director and it is his/her responsibility to ensure the appropriate use of any information/data provided.

Information Requests from Outside Agencies

Requests for specific information from outside the school district will not be honored unless:

The material requested is already published in reproducible form, and distribution has been made to the Board of Education and Superintendent's Office, or, Specific written approval from the Superintendent accompanies the request.

Sensitive Material

Requests that include personal data such as names, telephone numbers, home addresses, salaries, financial information, payroll deductions, student test scores, etc. will not be released to individuals or agencies outside the District without the approval of the Superintendent, or designee.


Agencies or agency representatives outside the public school organization requesting statistical, biographical, historical, personnel, or other information of record will first submit a written request describing the material desired to the Director of Community Relations.

If the information request is for purposes of research the request will be forwarded to the Research Review Committee. If approved by the district Superintendent, the Deputy Superintendent will designate the office approved to provide the information for the outside agency.

If permission is not granted, either the Superintendent or Deputy's office will respond to the request.

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NSBA/NEPN Classification: EHAA

Revised: May 1995
Revised: April 1996
Revised: May 1997