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Liability Insurance for Contractors

Note: This policy has been suspended for fiscal year 2012. It will go back into effect June 30, 2012.

For purposes of this procedural directive, “district” includes, but is not limited to, Albuquerque Public Schools, the Board of Education, members and officers of the Board of Education and all district personnel.

When a contract between any person and the district requires the contracting party to indemnify the district for losses arising out of or resulting from the performance of the agreement, the contracting party shall provide the district with a certificate of insurance in a satisfactory form evidencing insurance coverage in an amount of at least $1,000,000.  If deemed appropriate, the district may require the insurance coverage be for an amount greater than $1,000,000.  The insurance shall name the district as additional insureds, and shall provide coverage for all risks for which indemnification may be required pursuant to the contract.

The certificate of insurance shall be provided prior to the effective date of the contract for all future contracts between the district and any third party.  Contracts between the district and any third party already in existence at the time this procedural directive becomes effective, the certificate shall be provided no later than December 31, 2010.  If no certificate of insurance is provided to the district before the appropriate date, Albuquerque Public Schools reserves the right to nullify the contract.

Administrative Position:

  • Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operations Officer

Department Director:

  • Director of Procurement/Transportation Specialist


Legal Cross Ref.:

  • §13.1.28 et. seq. NMSA 1978
  • NMAC

Board Policy Cross Ref.:

Procedural Directive Cross Ref.:

NSBA/NEPN Classification: DHA

Introduced: September 3, 2010
Approved: September 24, 2010