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Signatory Authority for Contractual Agreements

Individuals with Signatory Authority

There are only three signatories in the District:

  1. The President of the Board of Education may sign contractual agreements provided for by resolution or official public action undertaken by the full Board.
  2. The Superintendent may sign agreements in which the District has involvement or in which the District is a party. All agreements relating to state appropriated or state budgeted monies will be submitted to the Superintendent for approval and signature.
  3. The Deputy Superintendent may sign agreements as authorized by the Superintendent.

No individual designated above may obligate the District for the purchase, rental or lease of any tangible personal property, construction or service outside of the normal procurement process.

Departments with Signatory Authority

Specific departments are authorized by the Superintendent to sign various contracts and agreements which pertain to the defined work of the department.

Procurement: Procurement office, or designee, may sign all purchase orders, bid documents, contracts, maintenance agreements, site license, letters of intent and similar relating to the purchase, rental or lease of all tangible personal property, services or construction.

Facilities Planning: Director, or designee, is authorized, after bid opening and Board and/or Procurement approval, to sign AIA documents relating to major construction. This shall also apply to applicable change orders.

Activity Funds, Grants, all Other Public Monies and Accounts

Principals or school staff members may not make or sign contracts or agreements involving activity funds, grants, or any other expenditure of public school funds that bind the District to any obligation. The procurement process will be utilized as required.

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Legal Ref.: 13-1-28 et seq. NMSA 1988

NSBA/NEPN Classification: DHA

Revised: May 1995
Revised: April 1996
Revised: April 1997