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Instructional Materials Adoption Selection Process

Adoption Process

The district instructional materials selection process shall identify the core program instructional materials selection for Albuquerque Public Schools.  The Curriculum and Instruction Department shall convene a review committee for each instructional area included in the adoption.  The committee(s) shall include, but are not limited to: 

  • adequate representatives from each school level addressed in the adoption
  • staff from the departments of Special Education, Indian Education and Language and Cultural Equity
  • district experts in the content areas of adoption

The committee shall review only those materials approved for adoption by the New Mexico Public Education Department.  The review committee shall consider the following when selecting materials for recommendation to the chief academic officer.  

  • Alignment of instructional materials with the state content standards and the district curriculum.
  • The capacity of the instructional materials to meet the educational needs of the students typically served by the district.
  • When appropriate, the availability of intervention materials aligned to the core program materials
  • How the materials support K-12 articulation of instruction.

While the committee is charged with recommending the most aligned and appropriate materials for the district, the committee may take into consideration the allocated amount provided for instructional materials purchase.

In a year in which there is more than one major adoption, the respective committees shall work together to ensure that there is proper distribution of funds to each area.

The committee shall help to ensure equity in publisher access to the committee members and ensure that contacts with district staffs follow state regulations around these contacts.  Publishers shall not contact schools directly.

Field-Testing/Piloting or Complimentary Materials

All field-testing and piloting of instructional materials shall comply with state regulations regarding pilot testing materials and shall subject to the approval of the chief academic officer.  District personnel shall not accept complimentary materials once a publisher has been listed on the approved list for adoption by the New Mexico Public Education Department.  The only exception to this regulation is the provision of review materials in reasonable quantities.

Public Review of Instructional Materials Considered for Adoption

The executive director of Curriculum and Instruction shall maintain a display of sample instructional materials being considered for adoption. These materials shall be available for review on-site by public school personnel, parents/legal guardians and members of the community.

The executive director of Curriculum and Instruction shall publicize information concerning the review of instructional materials to school personnel and the community via the Communications Office.

Adoption of Instructional Materials

The review committee, as per the direction of the executive director of Curriculum and Instruction, shall present the review process, information about committee membership, the final recommendations for the adoption and a plan to fully implement the instructional materials to the chief academic officer.  The chief academic officer, in consultation with the associate superintendents, shall approve the final selection and present this information to the superintendent and principals.

Once materials are approved, the manager of Library and Instructional Materials shall order of materials, maintain a record of inventory, and manage their timely distribution to schools.

Funding of Adopted Instructional Materials

Instructional material funds are allocated as a special category of funds, provided by the New Mexico Public Education Department directly to the district solely for materials purchase.  Any shortfall in this allocation may be made up by operational funds, but the instructional material funds shall not be used for any other purchase.

The purchase shall ensure that each student has appropriate instructional material for his/her personal use during their time in that class.

After the district purchase of the instructional materials any additional funds may be distributed to the schools for the replacement of instructional materials that are lost, destroyed, or stolen as well as for consumable materials.

Implementation of Instructional Materials

Individual school principals shall be responsible for ensuring that the instructional materials are distributed to teachers and fully implemented in their schools.

Administrative Position:             Chief Academic Officer

Department Director:                   Director of Curriculum and Instruction


Legal Cross Ref.:                                §22-15-1 et. seq. NMSA 1978
                                                            NMAC 6.75.2
Board Policy Cross Ref.:                    IH - Instructional Program
                                                            IJ – Instructional Resources and Materials

Procedural Directive Cross Ref.:       

NSBA/NEPN Classification:        IJJ

Revised: May 1995
Revised: April 1996
Revised: May 1997
Revised: June 2002
Reviewed: July 2010
Reviewed: December 9, 2015
Revised: December 11, 2015