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Educational Support for Students with Long-Term Medical Absences Program

The purpose of the Educational Support for Students with Long-Term Medical Absences Program is to ensure continued academic support and credit maintenance in core subject areas through Differentiated Instruction outside of school.

For purposes of this procedural directive, a long-term medical absence means a student is absent from the student’s school of record for ten (10) or more consecutive days due to a medical injury or illness as verified by a medical provider.

Schools shall notify parents/guardians of the availability of the program annually using methods appropriate to each school.  Each school shall immediately be required to notify the parent/guardian of a student who experiences a long-term medical absence of the educational support available to the student. 

Each schools shall identify an “Educational Support” contact for the program. The contact will be responsible for:

  • Coordinating with the attendance clerk, registrar or designated employee to ensure that the medical absence is an excused absence;
  • Provide information to parents/guardians regarding the program;
  • Reviewing medical provider documentation to determine program eligibility; and
  • Convening meetings, as needed, to develop a written individual student support plan that both the school and parent/guardian sign in agreement.

The parent/guardian may initiate a request that the student receive educational supports if the student will experience a long-term medical absence.  The initiator of the request shall provide the school with a signed, APS approved medical provider form that verifies the student’s absence due to a medical injury or illness.  These forms shall be available electronically at or in person at the school.  The form must be signed by a certified medical practitioner.

Upon receipt of verification of the student’s absence, the school may determine if the student is eligible for educational supports through the long-term medical absences program.

If the student is eligible for the program the school shall meet with the parent/guardian and utilized the APS Educational Support for Students with Long Term Medical Absences Program Guidance Document to determine the process for support.

Administrative Position:      Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Equity and Support

Department Director:           Executive Director of Family, School and Community Support

Legal Cross Ref.:
Board Policy Cross Ref.:         JB - Equal Educational Outcomes  
                                                IH5 - Special Services in Delivery of Instruction   
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NSBA/NEPN Classification:   IHBF

Introduced: September 13, 2017
Adopted: September 20, 2017