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KL1 Direct Legislative Appropriations - July 2010 Revision

Notice: This policy was reviewed, revised, and/or renamed. We provide this revision for historic purposes only. Please see our current policies and procedural directives.

Albuquerque Public Schools may request direct legislative appropriations from the New Mexico State Legislature.  The Board of Education shall accept or reject direct legislative appropriations awarded to the district in the appropriate time frame as determined by the New Mexico State Legislature.  Albuquerque Public Schools shall establish and implement a process, through administrative procedural directive, which all employees shall follow for requesting, accepting, expending and documenting direct legislative appropriations.

For purposes of this policy, “direct legislative appropriation” means a set amount of money earmarked for specific projects within Albuquerque Public Schools.  These appropriations are sponsored by a specific New Mexico State legislator.

Administrative Position: Superintendent’s Office/Chief Financial Officer

Department Director: Government Affairs


Legal Ref.:

Board Policy Cross Ref.: DA Fiscal Management Goals

Procedural Directive Cross Ref.: Direct Legislative Appropriations Procedural Directive

NSBA/NEPN Classification: KLL

Introduced: July 12, 2010
Approved: July 21, 2010