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Participation in Organizations

Members of the APS Board of Education represent the district, both as board members and as citizens, by participating in many organizations throughout the community.

The Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education Governance Manual states that “board members are expected to participate in community engagement at meetings or events hosted by the board and outreach at meetings or events hosted by community members.”

As part of outreach, board members represent the Board of Education on several APS and community boards and committees. They also attend meetings regularly and connect with other school board members and elected officials from across the state and nation for support and training.

The board’s Student Outcome Focused Governance coaches have recommended that board members avoid serving on boards or committees that are more administrative in nature. As a result, board members no longer serve on the APS Calendar Committee, which helps develop the district’s instructional calendar. A representative from the administration now serves in the place of a board member on the Albuquerque Youth Symphony board, which provides high-quality music education to public, private, parochial, and home school students.

Internal Organizations

Community Capital Advisory Commission (CCAC)

One board member serves on the commission comprised of community members who have advisory oversight of the school district’s capital master plan and provide a review of the progress of the planning and expenditures of capital funds to the APS Board of Education, the superintendent, and the community. The Commission meets quarterly.  Josefina Domínguez represents the Board of Education.

Equity Advisory Council

Board members are invited on a rotating basis to attend meetings of the council, whose role is to ensure equitable practices to engage and advocate for students, families, and employees of APS. The council reviews key policies, procedures, and programs to ensure that needed support is provided to students and families. The Equity Advisory Council meets bi-weekly.  

Indian Policies and Procedures Monthly Meeting

Board members are invited on a rotating basis to attend Indian Policy and Procedures monthly meetings. The IPP consists of Tribal Education Leaders for the 12 communities as well as educational staff. The purpose of these meetings is to support implementation and discuss potential changes or recommendations to the Indian Policy and Procedures document. Each month different district programs, issues, and activities of shared interest or concern are discussed.  This group meets monthly. 

School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

At least one board member serves on the APS School Health Advisory Council, according to district procedural directive based on a New Mexico Public Education Department rule.  The council provides advice and counsel to APS leadership, the superintendent, and the Board of Education on the development, revision, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the district’s wellness policy. In addition, the council may be asked to make recommendations regarding issues and topics related to the eight components of the coordinated school health approach:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical Education and Activity
  • Family, School, and Community Partnership
  • Health Education and Life Skills
  • Health and Safe Environment
  • Social and Emotional Well-being
  • Health Services
  • Staff Wellness

SHAC meets four times each semester.  Ronald Tome-Warito represents the Board of Education.

Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council 

Board members are invited on a rotating basis to join the superintendent when meeting monthly with representatives from APS high schools to garner student input on issues and district policy. 

External Organizations

APS Education Foundation

The board president serves on the board of the foundation, a 501(c) (3) that raises private support and public awareness of the district and its students through a variety of initiatives that supplement major programs: fine arts, middle/high school activities, literacy, and classroom teacher mini-grants. Danielle Gonzales represents the Board of Education.

Albuquerque Bernalillo County Community Schools Partnership

Two board members and the superintendent serve on the partnership, a joint powers agreement with the APS Board of Education, the Albuquerque City Council and mayor, the Bernalillo County Commission, United Way, Albuquerque Business Education Compact, and other community sponsors to work collaboratively to support the development of community schools in the district. The mission is to create cooperative working relationships with the business community, social service agencies, government agencies, faith-based organizations, civic groups, neighborhood associations, and post-secondary institutions that lead to increased family involvement and student academic achievement. The Partnership meets monthly.  Janelle Astorga and Crystal Tapia-Romero represent the Board of Education.

Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government Commission

Two board members serve as non-voting members on the commission. The commission recommends processes to identify areas that can be more effectively coordinated; reviews and recommends any new or revised agreements between the city, county, and the district; provides policy guidance on areas governed by joint agreements, and reviews and recommends proposed legislation among the three entities that affects all jurisdictions. The Commission meets every other month.  Heather Benavidez and Courtney Jackson represent the Board of Education.

Economic Forum

Board members are invited to participate in the bi-weekly forum, a non-partisan business leaders group dedicated to the continued improvement of the community. Its efforts involve educating and informing decision-makers from the business, government, and education sectors about significant issues and concerns facing the community. The fee to attend Economic Forum will be paid with board member professional development funds. 

Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce

Upon request, the board president attends meetings of the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce. The superintendent is an honorary board member. All board members are invited to attend events. The Chamber of Commerce works to make the community a place where businesses can grow and prosper and where people want to raise their families. Part of the organization’s mission is for Albuquerque to have a world-class education system. Danielle Gonzales represents the Board of Education.

Mid-Region Council of Government (MRCOG)

One board member and an alternate serve on the Mid-Region Council of Governments, a multi-county governmental agency that helps the region plan responsibly for future growth. Representing the counties of Bernalillo, Valencia, Torrance, and Sandoval, the council provides planning services in the areas of transportation, agriculture, workforce development, employment growth, land use, water, and economic development.  Josefina Domínguez represents the Board of Education. Janelle Astorga serves as the alternate.

School Board Governance and Operations/Professional Development

Council of the Great City Schools

All board members are members of the Council of the Great City Schools, which promotes urban education through legislation, research, instruction, management, technology, and other special projects.

The board president or designee and the superintendent serve on the council’s Board of Directors, composed of superintendents and board members from the country’s largest urban school districts. The board president or designee also attends biweekly Zoom meetings hosted by the organization’s executive director.

All board members are invited to participate in council training, which includes Student Outcomes Focused Governance. The council holds an annual conference in October. The fee to attend council conferences will be paid with board member professional development funds.

The organization helps build urban education capacity with programs to boost academic performance, narrow achievement gaps, improve professional development, enhance learning opportunities, and strengthen leadership, governance, and management. Courtney Jackson serves on the council’s Board of Directors. 

National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials

Board members have the option of joining NALEO, an organization that works to bring together Latinos who are in public education offices and other leadership positions to improve educational outcomes for Latino students. The fee to join NALEO and to attend its workshops will be paid with board member professional development funds. Board members may receive scholarships to attend national workshops on educational issues. 

New Mexico School Boards Association

All board members are members of the New Mexico School Boards Association (NMSBA), which provides training and support for local boards of education in New Mexico. New Mexico law requires that school board members attend five hours of training per year (September 1 to August 31). Credits can be earned by attending New Mexico School Board Association events. Courtney Jackson is the Large District Representative for APS on the NMSBA Board of Directors.