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Posted: April 13, 2024

APS Esports Awards 177 Scholarships, Ensures Equity

Photo of Dr. Richard BowmanWhen Dr. Richard Bowman brought esports to APS five years ago, he wanted to ensure that all students who had a desire to participate would be allowed to do so without the burden of paying fees to participate in the New Mexico Activity Association’s Championship Season. Annually, he has kept this commitment to our high school students, who have had the opportunity to compete in the state finals at no cost. 

This year, 177 students applied for this annual scholarship, and were awarded coverage of all PlayVS fees required to compete. Dr. Bowman's continued commitment to equity and engagement in esports district-wide is demonstrated in quotes from esports student scholarship applications:

  • “As an introvert, esports help me stay safe and gives me a social outlet.” -Nick
  • “Esports Club is my safe place and I feel comfortable here.” -Gabe
  • “Esports allows me to grow many skills such as communication, dedication, and teamwork.” -Aiden
  • “Esports keeps me mindful of my grades and the way I present at school.” -Ella
  • “Esports is a motivator to keep my grades high.” -Trevor
  • “APS Esports is very inclusive to everyone.” -Cole
  • “Esports improved my communication and teamwork skills, and it helped with critical thinking and logic.” -Peter