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Valley High School

Graduation Ceremony Video

Graduation Details

Monday, May 10, 2021

  • Time: 2:30 p.m.
  • Location: Nusenda Community Stadium
  • Class Motto: ‘21 and DONE
  • Class Song: “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors
  • Class Flower: Yellow Rose
  • Class Donut: Chocolate Glazed with Sprinkles

Commencement Program

  • Mistress of Ceremonies: Patricia Rivera
  • Processional: “Pomp and Circumstance” By Edwin Elger, “Star-Spangled Banner” By Francis Scott Key
  • Introduction of Guests
    • Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education
    • APS Leadership Team
    • Valley High School Principal - Anthony Griego
    • Valley High School Assistant Principals
      • 12th Grade - M. Tess Sanchez
      • 10th & 11th Grade - Terry Dahl
      • Engineering the Future - Ron Worley
      • Special Education Program - Nicole Slayton
    • Valley High School Counselors’
    • Valley High School Faculty Escorts
  • Opening Remarks: Anthony Griego - Principal 
  • Introduction of Valedictorian and Salutatorian: M Tess Sanchez
    • Salutatorian Speech
    • Valedictorian Speech
  • Presentation of Graduates: Anthony Griego - Principal 
  • Introduction of Graduates: Serri Grube
  • Switching of Tassels: Senior Class Officers
  • Recessional: “Triumphal March” By Giuseppe Verdi

"This has been such a tough time for everyone, so give yourself room to feel the full range of your feelings (mad, sad, relief, confusion, grief). Know there is no “right” way of coping with current situation so do the best you can and trust that. Focus on what you HAVE vs. what you don’t and focus on the what you KNOW vs. what you don’t to help manage things when they feel overwhelming. You will help lead us into a new normal and we will all learn and adapt together.

We got this! Stay Positive.

Best of Luck in your adventures,"

— Mr. Griego