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College and Career High School

Albuquerque Public Schools Graduation 2021 banner

2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - Albuquerque Civic Plaza

Graduation Ceremony Video

Closed captioning will be available on this video by Friday, April 30, 2021.

Live Captioning Link

Graduation Details

2 guests per graduate. COVID safe practices required to attend

Program Download  PDFList of Graduates  PDF 

Guest Speakers:

  • APS Superintendent Mr. Scott Elder
  • CNM President Mrs. Tracy Hartzler
  • CCHS Class of 2021 Graduate Ms. Citlali Sauzameda
  • CCHS Class of 2021 Graduate Payam Ghanbarri
  • CCHS Class of 2021 Graduate Joursele Kchrezne Bang-As

Platform Guests:

  • CCHS Principal Mr. Todd Resch
  • APS Superintendent Mr. Scott Elder
  • APS Board Member Ms. Candelaria Patterson
  • APS Senior Director of Innovation Ms. Francesca VerPloegh
  • CCHS Counselor Mrs. Yesenia Beltran
  • CNM Academic Coach Mrs. Diane Craig
  • CNM President Mrs. Tracy Hartzler
  • CNM VP of Workforce and Community Success Ms. Samantha Sengel
  • CNM VP of Student Success Ms. Ann Lyn Hall
  • CNM VP of Finance and Operations Ms. Olivia Padilla-Jackson.

List of Graduates:

  • Asil Abdelrahman
  • Genevieve Anderson Milliorn
  • Mackenzie Bailey
  • Joursels Kchrezne Bang-As
  • David Bass
  • Jeanaelle Bourg
  • Conor Bramley
  • Grace Cherry
  • Madeline Coburn
  • Leslie Corchado
  • Aren Debonis
  • Hannah Edgel
  • Rosa Paola Edmunds
  • Sofia Gallegos
  • Genesis Gallegos Granados
  • Kiayani Garcia
  • Sofia Garcia
  • Claribel Garciasalas
  • Payam Ghanbari
  • Brenna Giannini
  • Kayla Gilbert
  • Wyatt Gonzales
  • Jorge Gonzalez
  • Claire Goodman
  • Dayana Gordillo
  • Alicia Gutierrez
  • Mercedes Hall
  • Joshua Jackson
  • Mariah Jester
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Genea Kiesling
  • Ayden Kyseth-Lytle
  • Xavier Larason
  • Aidan Lineweaver
  • Aliciana Marquez
  • Aiden Martinez
  • Kimberly Martinez
  • Deborah McCabe
  • Alexis McKillip
  • Skyler Morris
  • Maya Morton
  • Daniel Najera
  • Mariyah Nieto Valverde
  • Victoria Reza
  • Savannah Saavedra
  • Citlali Sauzameda
  • Risa Smith
  • Malachi Starr Stallings
  • Monique Tafoya
  • Mahli Toscano
  • Edier Valenzuela
  • Steven Gabriel Vasco
  • Ashley Vigil
  • Maya Vigil
  • Elaine Wall
  • Sydnee Wall
  • Larissa Wetterlund
  • Jaisa Williams
  • Jacob Yoder

Attending the Ceremony

  • Graduates will be limited to four (4) guests each*
  • Each guest will be required to have an admission wristband to enter the Nusenda Community Stadium or Albuquerque Civic Plaza (admission wristbands will be distributed to graduating seniors by each graduate's school)
  • Masks or cloth-face coverings are required by all attending or participating in the ceremony.

*If Bernillo County moves back into Yellow Level Restrictions, Graduates will be limited to two (2) guests each.

Viewing Alternatives 

Those unable to attend ceremonies will be provided with viewing options.  Ceremonies will be live-streamed along with being recorded and posted to the district's graduation webpage for future viewing.  Information for accessing live stream ceremonies and recordings of ceremonies is available on the district's graduation webpage.