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Schools and Alternative Language Service (ALS) Models

In 1974, the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Lau v. Nichols decided that if students do not understand English, they do not have equal access to a quality education even if they have the same facilities, books, teachers and curriculum.

Alternative language services are programs designed to meet the educational needs of all language minority students to enable them to effectively participate in the regular school program, thus ensuring equal access to a quality education.   Schools are required to have a home language survey in place to identify and qualify students needing services, and a language proficiency assessment for program placement.

English Models:

  • Sheltered instruction is an approach to teaching English language learners which integrates language and content instruction. The dual goals of sheltered instruction are: to provide access to mainstream, grade-level content, and to promote the development of English language proficiency.
  • ESL is an acronym that stands for English as a Second Language. It refers to teaching English to a person whose native or primary language is one other than English.
  • At a minimum, all schools in APS provide English models of alternative language services. For more information, contact an LCE instructional manager at 881-9429.

Bilingual Models:

  • Two-way Dual-Language Immersion is designed to develop bilingualism and biliteracy in English and home language for both English-speaking and minority language students.
  • Maintenance is designed to develop and maintain proficiency and literacy in the home language and English.
  • Transitional is designed to transfer students from home language instruction to an all-English curriculum.
  • Enrichment is designed to further develop the home language of fully English proficient students and to teach the cultures of the state.
  • Indigenous Language Revitalization is designed to support and revitalize a student's native language and culture through oral and /or written language instruction with tribal approval.

APS Schools with Bilingual Education Models