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Job Categories and Position Types



  • Campus based: principal, assistant principal
  • Department based: director, manager, supervisor, coordinator, analyst, specialist, technician
  • Technology/campus based: computer technician
  • Technology/central office: network technician, wan administrator, core administrator


  • Elementary, Middle School, and High School: teachers
  • Special education: teachers
  • Coach: athletic
  • Instructional coach
  • Certified – other: itinerant art teacher, itinerant music teacher, Title I reading teacher, resource teacher, dean of students, JROTC instructor
  • Librarian
  • Counselor
  • Ancillary: SLP, PT, OT, social worker, educational diagnostician, school psychologist, rehab counselor
  • Applicant pool: typically used for job fairs
  • Reading coach
  • Nurse


  • Clerical / secretarial: secretary, administrative assistant, clerk, bookkeeper
  • Educational assistant
  • Maintenance & operations: electrician, fencer, multi craft construction/ floor coverings, landscape equipment operator, glazier, carpenter, welder, locksmith, HVAC technician, plumber
  • School police: police officer, dispatcher, campus service aide
  • Substitute teacher pool
  • Avid program tutor
  • Custodian
  • Hourly
  • Transportation: bus/maint/fleet: bus attendant, school bus driver
  • Event staff, hourly

Student teaching

This is for university/college students who have been approved to student teach by their faculty only. This is not a paid position.

Summer programs

  • Summer school: Elementary school
  • Summer school: Middle school
  • Summer school: High school


This is just an application. You will be able to choose volunteering locations within the application.