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Family Engagement Unit

We support student success in many ways, including through the Families Connected series and School Training for Engagement Planning (STEP).

Families Connected

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Families Connected is an online learning series for families. Videos can be accessed through YouTube and cover many different topics that help families navigate the educational process at APS. Videos are accessible on computers, tablets, and mobile phones; all videos are available in Spanish and English. A growing number of videos are now available in Arabic, Dari, Swahili, Chinese, and Vietnamese. 


These videos are short and cover a few simple concepts that will help viewers make informed financial decisions. Check out our video on Teaching Kids About Money!  

School Training for Engagement Planning (STEP)

School Training for Engagement Planning (STEP) workshops are facilitated one-day sessions for school staff members leading family engagement efforts. Group participants may include the school administrator, Family Liaison, Community School Coordinator, and other key personnel and families. Teams will learn about family engagement strategies and best practices and will be supported in the development of a comprehensive research and data-based Family Engagement Action Plan. Schools will receive follow-up coaching and technical assistance to ensure that their plan is implemented and their outcomes are met.

“(Y)our department organized an extremely beneficial and enjoyable professional development opportunity. I loved how you gave us time to work on each section. I am going to incorporate that into my next PD. It was just so well organized and informative.  Your presenters did an excellent job.  The time just flew....and we gleaned many ideas for planning.” – APS Instructional Coach.
 "I loved the hands-on and all of your positivity. I really enjoyed everything. Really appreciate the break-out time and the quality of materials to gather our thoughts."  - STEP School Staff Attendee. 

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