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On-Site Security Trailers

MONITORING RESPONSIBILITY: The Chief of Facilities Planning and Operations will monitor the provisions of this directive.

Request Procedure

The site administrator will request an on-site security trailer, in writing, to the Chief of Facilities Planning and Operations. The request must include a justification to include a two-year history of vandalism, thefts, graffiti, and any other supporting data to justify the request. Unusual, emergency situations must include a verifying statement from the Director of School Police, in lieu of the two-year history.

Validation Procedure

The Chief of Facilities Planning and Operations will forward the request to Risk Management, Maintenance and Operations, Facilities Planning and Construction, and School Police. Each of the agencies will provide a written recommendation back to the Chief of Facilities Planning and Operations within 20 days.

Maintenance and Operations, with Facilities Planning and Construction, will include a technical siting feasibility recommendation along with estimated costs to emplace the trailer.

School Police will include the name and availability of proposed on-site officer. All on-site officer candidates must be a certified law enrollment officer to be eligible for consideration.


The Chief of Facilities Planning and Operations will approve or disapprove the request within 10 days of receiving all recommendations. The decision will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Technical site feasibility.
  2. History of vandalism, thefts, graffiti.
  3. Alternate site procedures to preclude losses.
  4. Alternate security measures and their costs, i.e., alarms, patrols, etc.
  5. Availability of site-based funds for emplacement of the trailer.

Normally, a request will be approved only if all other security measures are determined to be ineffective or cost prohibitive and the documented losses exceed the cost to emplace the on-site trailer.

Officers approved for on-site placement will be required to sign a lease contract with Albuquerque Public Schools and provide proof of homeowner’s insurance and $250,000 liability insurance. The contracts are valid for a one-year period. The Director of School Police is responsible for maintaining all contracts.

Officers are prohibited from changing out approved trailers without the PRIOR WRITTEN approval from Albuquerque Public Schools. Officers are also prohibited from subleasing or reassigning their trailer without the PRIOR WRITTEN approval from APS. Violations are grounds for terminating the contract Albuquerque Public Schools will extend water, natural gas/bottle gas, sewer and electrical service as necessary to the trailer site. The officer will be responsible for arranging final utility connections and any associated costs. Cable TV and telephone connections and services are the full responsibility of the officers. Upon contract termination, the officer is responsible for utility disconnects.

Also, on-site officers are responsible for installing District approved fencing for any animals kept on-site. The District retains the right to limit the type and number of animals allowed on-site. On-site officers are responsible for any and all improvements they wish to construct or install. All improvements, including fencing, must be approved by Maintenance and Operations before they are installed. Permanently installed improvements, as determined by APS, become the property of Albuquerque Public Schools. Under no circumstances will Albuquerque Public Schools be held responsible nor assume any liability for utility outages. If an outage is for APS requirements, the District may attempt to provide temporary utilities where possible.


The District retains the right to terminate a contract based on provisions in the contract. The Director of School Police will monitor individual on-site officer compliance with their Albuquerque Public School contract. The Director, School Police will evaluate annually the continuing need of on-site security trailers at each site and will make a decision whether to continue the contract based on that evaluation no later than March 31 of each year. Officers not approved for continuation will be notified by April 1 and will be required to remove their trailer and all personal property by the last day of the contract. Officers will be responsible for all moving costs, including terminating and disconnecting utilities.

Upon termination of a lease contract, the lesser shall remove the trailer, any tenant-owned site improvements, and all personal property at the tenant’s sole expense.

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Approved: April 23, 1998