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Reporting On-the-Job Injuries

If these procedures are not followed, the claim for benefits may be denied. This procedure applies to all accidents that occur while the employee is on the job, when time is lost, or when the employee files a workers’ compensation claim.

By state law, an employee must declare the job related injury within 15 calendar days of the injury, or knowledge of the injury, in order to receive compensation benefits. Employees are encouraged to use the Notice of Injury form to report the injury (or suspected injury) in order to protect their rights. An employee may use the form if he/she has a strain or non-traumatic injury which they feel may worsen. Each location shall keep these forms in a centralized location.

Reporting Employee Injuries

Call the Risk Management Hotline: 830-8466, and your claim will be taken via phone call.

Medical Treatment for On-the-Job Injuries

  1. Injuries during regular hours
    1. Employees requiring medical treatment must report to a Concentra Medical Center facility:
      1. North Pointe Clinic – 5700 Harper NE – phone 823-9166
      2. Encino Clinic – 801 Encino Place NE Suite E-12 – phone 842-5151
      3. Commons Clinic - 3811 Commons NE – phone 345-9599
  2. Emergencies
    1. For life-threatening emergencies, call 911 or seek treatment at the nearest hospital emergency facility!
    2. Report to a Concentra Medical Center facility as soon as possible following treatment.
  3. Injuries after business hours
    1. For injuries requiring treatment after regular business hours, seek treatment at the nearest urgent care or hospital emergency facility.
    2. Report to a Concentra Medical Center facility as soon as possible following treatment.
  4. Return to Work
    1. Following treatment, the injured worker is required to report the Risk Management Department and their supervisor with the status report provided by the treating physician.
    2. In an effort to maintain work productivity, to speed medical recovery and to reduce the costs associated with work-place injuries, APS may return injured employees to compatible modified or alternative work following a work related injury or illness that temporarily restricts the worker from performing regular work duties.  Modified duty may involve modifications to the worker’s assignment or providing an alternate position on a temporary basis depending on the worker's physical abilities.  Principals/managers must work with the appropriate Human Resources Department staffing specialist to determine whether or not the temporary restrictions can be accommodated.  If yes, principals and managers shall ensure that employees be assigned work only within the specified restriction.
    3. Modified duty assignments will not last longer than ninety days. Modified duty assignments will also end when:
      1. the worker returns to his/her regular job at full capacity;
      2. the worker is placed at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) by the treating physician;
      3. the worker’s physical restrictions change, making continued modified duty impractical.
    4. Should the injured worker return to work with permanent restrictions that make it impossible to fulfill the physical demands of their job, Human Resources shall notify the employee of their rights and responsibilities in seeking permanent employment in available positions for which they may qualify.

General Information

  1. APS will pay authorized medical expenses that result from a work-related injury.
  2. The first seven calendar days lost are not compensated, unless the employee is disabled for more than four weeks from the date of the injury.  If the employee loses more than seven calendar days, he/she is entitled to receive up to two-thirds of their regular pay up to a maximum determined by the New Mexico Department of Labor. This is called indemnity pay.
  3. Injured workers absent from work for more than ten days must request extended leave through the Risk Management Department.
  4. The injured employee will start receiving Indemnity pay within 14 days of the E-1 being filed (not necessarily the injury) which is filled out at the time the employee contacts Risk Management to report the accident. Employees may use sick leave to make up the difference between Indemnity pay and their regular pay.

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