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Maintenance and Operations (M&O)

Emergency Work Orders

In the event of an emergency situation (gas leak, plumbing malfunction or leakage, loss of electrical power, broken glass in doors, or any other situation that presents immediate danger to persons, threatens appreciable financial loss, or otherwise seriously hampers the educational program) a telephone report should be made to M&O, 765-5950, Ext. 210 or 212. For straight emergency lines call 764-9601, -9602, -9603, and -9604. The work order clerk will need specific information concerning the nature of the emergency. No written requisition is needed. There is a special reporting number for cafeteria requests, 242-5564. This is the access number to the code-a-phone which records the calls.

Vandalism, such as broken windows or other damage caused by vandals, should be reported to the School Police Department at 243-7712. The School Police office will assign a case number and report to M&O by code-a-phone. Graffiti Removal Services should be requested by calling 765-5950 ext. 317. DO NOT call the emergency work order desk.

Routine Buildings and Grounds Work Orders

Use a written requisition for a work order (APS AC-09A) for routine maintenance of buildings and grounds. Keep copies of all work orders submitted until the work is completed.

Routine Equipment Work Orders

Routine maintenance of equipment should be requested by one of the following methods:

Audio-Visual and micro-film equipment, cameras, volt meters, etc.: fill out a repair order tag (CC #031-A) describing the problem. Tie the tag to the piece of equipment and leave it in the school media center, where it will be picked up by M&O Electronic Shop personnel on an established schedule.

Call office equipment repairs requests to M&O at 765-5950, Ext. 226. The clerk receiving the call will need the name of the school, the manufacturer of the equipment, the serial number, model number, APS number, and the nature of the problem. Please have this information available before placing the call.

Classroom typewriters are serviced on a regular schedule. The instructor should complete a repair order form (CC #031) and attach it to the equipment so that the repair technician will know what the problem is.

Call cafeteria equipment repair requests to M&O at 842-3656 (the code-a-phone). Give the manufacturer of the equipment, the serial number, model, APS number, and the nature of the problem.

Home economics equipment that is still under warranty is serviced by the vendors that supply them.

Computers and FAX machines are serviced and repaired by DLITS.

All other equipment repairs are requested by filling out a repair order form (CC #031 and sending it to M&O).

NSBA/NEPN Classification: ECB

Revised: May 1995
Revised: April 1996
Revised: May 1997