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Key Authorization and Control

The security of District buildings and rooms is essential for the protection of both District and personal assets and equipment. In addition, sensitive information is frequently stored in desk drawers and file cabinets. Site Administrators are responsible for controlling and issuing keys for their buildings, rooms, file cabinets, and desks. The M&O Locksmith Shop is responsible for making keys and installing and maintaining locks for District facilities and office equipment. The M&O Fleet Maintenance Shop provides keys for District vehicles. All keys remain the property of the District.

Keys for District facilities must not be produced, duplicated, or obtained from any source other than the M&O Locksmith Shop. The unauthorized possession, use, or reproduction of a District key may constitute theft or misappropriation of District property. Any employee who violates this policy may be subject to disciplinary action.

Assignment of Keys

Site Administrators are overall responsible for the keys to their buildings. Only Site Administrators, or their designee, may issue keys to authorized staff. Good judgment must be exercised when determining who needs a key. Keys should be issued only to individuals who have a legitimate need for the key. The number of master and sub-master keys at a site should be limited, and only issued to individuals who need access to buildings outside of regular building hours. No outside door or master keys will be given to new personnel until their background investigation is complete, or to temporary personnel.

Key Control

Site Administrators, or their designee, shall collect door, desk, and file cabinet keys from their staff at the end of every school year. Keys shall also be collected during the school year when staff members resign, are reassigned to another district site, or are placed on leave pending administrative or criminal investigations. The collected keys should be tagged with door, desk or file cabinet location, temporarily stored in a well-controlled key box, and redistribute to returning or replacement staff members.

Ineffective key control has resulted in stolen property and considerable re-keying charges. The provision of replacement keys is expensive, time consuming, and typically unnecessary if keys are properly controlled.


To facilitate effective key control, Site Administrators may collect a nominal key deposit. If a key deposit is collected, it should be returned to the staff member at the end of the school term or upon staff member transfer or termination.

Employee Responsibilities

Employees shall only use District keys for access to their assigned work areas and should lock doors when leaving their work area. Employees must also ensure that keys are safeguarded and properly used. At the end of each school year, upon mid-term transfer, or upon termination of employment, keys must be returned to the Site Administrator. Employees may not loan out or exchange assigned keys. Employees shall also report any lost keys to their Site Administrator.


When a key is lost or stolen, the Site Administrator is responsible for deciding whether to re-key the affected area(s). The site will be responsible for paying all charges associated with repeated room or building re-keying.

Lost Keys

Lost building keys can pose a serious security issue. Employees must report lost or stolen keys to the appropriate Site Administrator. When building keys are lost, the Site Administrator must complete and submit a Lost Key Report (APS Form KR-2), with the original copy sent to the M&O Control Center and a copy faxed to the School Police (842-3506) on the day the key is identified as lost. If a copy of the Lost Key Report cannot be faxed immediately, the Site Administrator shall notify the School Police Dispatch Center about the lost key by telephone (243-7712). Anyone filing a false Lost Key Report will be subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal charges.

If missing keys need replacement, submit a work order request to M&O and a "Key Record" (APS Form KR-1) to the M&O Locksmith Shop. The M&O Locksmith Shop will not issue replacement master and sub-master keys until the damaged key is turned in or a lost key report has been filed with the School Police.

Anyone finding a key should turn it into their Site Administrator or the M&O Locksmith Shop.

Broken Keys

Broken keys will be replaced without charge if all the broken parts are returned to the M&O Locksmith Shop. A work order request must also be submitted to M&O.

Installation of Locks

The M&O Locksmith Shop is responsible for the installation of all locks at District facilities. They will also provide "blue", "green" or other padlocks as appropriate for gates and cabinets. Private locks may not be used on District buildings and/or property. In the event of an after-hour emergency, all district buildings and rooms must be accessible by master key to the School Police and/or emergency M&O personnel.

If a private lock is discovered, it will be replaced by the M&O Locksmith Shop and the site will be charged for the installation of the APS lock and the replacement keys.


It is essential that all District buildings be accessible with a master key. In case of emergency, both the School Police and the M&O Locksmith Shop supervisor have master keys for entering all District facilities.

Private or personal locks on building or classroom doors are forbidden. An "on-call" M&O locksmith is available for after-hour emergency repair of door locks that cannot be secured. He/She can be contacted through the M&O Dispatch or the School Police Dispatch. Unless there is an emergency, neither the School Police nor the M&O "on-call" locksmith will open doors for school staff personnel.

Office Equipment Keys

The M&O Locksmith Shop also can provide keys for desks and file cabinets. Similar to facility keys, desk and file cabinet keys must be controlled. If re-keying is necessary, sites will be charged for re-keying locks on equipment. In addition, there will be a charge if the "on-call" M&O locksmith is called after normal M&O duty hours to open a locked desk or file cabinet. Staff members should be held accountable for misplaced office equipment keys.

Vehicle Keys

The M&O Fleet Maintenance Shop provides keys for District vehicles. When there is a vehicle key malfunction, they can provide replacement keys. Keys should never be left in unattended vehicles, for this can result in stolen vehicles. There will be a charge if the Fleet Maintenance Shop is called to open an APS vehicle door with keys locked inside. Fleet Maintenance will not open locked private vehicle doors.

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Approved: May 3, 1999
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