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Cellular Telephones

All cellular telephone equipment and service utilizing a District account, i.e., operational, categorical, activity, etc. must be approved and periodically reviewed by the respective funds control agent. Periodic review should include usage habits and appropriate use of District cell phones. The respective funds control agent will utilize one of the approved District-wide service providers for all authorized cell phones. No
individual site or department contracts with other providers are authorized.

Each funds control agent will oversee how his or her accounts are used for cell phone service. They will appoint a cellular telephone monitor to process cell phone accounts. The Maintenance and Operations Department will process and pay the operational cell phone account(s) of Cabinet-level personnel.

Cell phones are intended "for official use only." On the occasion where a personal call is made or received, the following reimbursement procedures apply:

  • Quarterly, each cell phone user will receive a copy of their phone bills from their cell phone account monitor. Each cell phone user is required to review their phone bills for personal calls and to reimburse the District for any associated costs. along with a requirement.
  • Personal phone calls are defined as calls that are not directly job related.
  • Each cell phone user will be required to submit a check payable to "APS Board of Education" for the total amount of all reimbursable calls reflected in the quarterly phone bills. If there are no reimbursable calls for the period, they will so advise the monitor.
  • As necessary, the reimbursement check should be returned to their cell phone account monitor, who will annotate the appropriate APS account number and submit it to the APS Accounting Office for reimbursement to the perspective account.

Note: This reimbursement procedure is not intended to authorize personal use of APS cell phones; rather, it is intended to require reimbursement for those instances when a personal call is received or placed.

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NSBA/NEPN Classification: EGAF

Approved: October 14, 1997
Reviewed: January 1, 2001
Revised: January 10, 2002