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JI2 Hazing

Albuquerque Public Schools shall not permit hazing as a condition of membership in, or initiation into, any class, team, group or organization sponsored by, or permitted to operate under, the auspices of a school of the district.

Administrative Position: Assistant Superintendent for School and Community Support

Department Director: Director of Health and Wellness


Legal Cross Ref.:

  • §22-5-4.3 NMSA 1978

Board Policy Cross Ref.:

Procedural Directive Cross Ref.:

NSBA/NEPN Classification: JICFA

Reviewed: January 17, 1990
Revised: February 20, 1996
Reviewed: April 2001
Reviewed: September 13, 2010
Reviewed: October 11, 2010
Revised: November 3, 2010