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Superintendent's News

Posted: January 7, 2022

New Year, New Board

Superintendent Scott Elder welcomes the four new members of the APS Board of Education.

With the new year comes opportunity, hope, and – in the case of Albuquerque Public Schools – a new Board of Education.

Four newly elected board members took the oath of office this week in a pleasant ceremony that centered on gratitude, optimism, and a spirit of cooperation.

Danielle Gonzales, Crystal Tapia-Romero, Josefina E. Domínguez, and Courtney I. Jackson each raised their hands and took an oath to serve the APS community to the best of their ability. They then thanked families and supporters and pledged to make a difference in the lives of our students.

Once they were sworn in, the new board members spoke about their affection for our students and families, advocacy on their behalf, commitment to the office they just entered, and promise of a bright future.

There was a true sense of camaraderie as new members took their seats (one of them virtually) alongside the three current members: Yolanda Montoya-Cordova, Peggy Muller-Aragón, and Barbara Petersen. The seven women – the first all-female APS Board of Education – joked about sisterhood as they proceeded to the first order of business, electing board officers. And in that spirit, they voted unanimously to elect Board Member Montoya-Cordova president, Board Member Muller-Aragón vice president, and Board Member Jackson secretary.

They are off to a great start, and I am looking forward to working closely with this impressive group of professionals who all have strong ties to APS (most are graduates of our schools, some have children who attended our schools, and several have taught our students.) 

I was pleased to hear board members, both new and veteran, discuss beliefs and values that reflect those outlined in the APS Strategic Plan:

  • Equity and access for all students and staff
  • High-quality, equity-driven instruction for every student
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Effective and efficient operations
  • Staff and community engagement

They talked about transparency and accountability. They spoke of embracing the diversity of all students, meeting them where they are, and providing for their emotional, social, physical, and mental needs. They mentioned fiscal responsibility, family support, and community outreach.

Their words echo our goals. Their hopes are reflected in the work we do every day. We all share a deep passion for the kids we serve and aspirations for a successful, gratifying future for all.

As determined as we are to get a good job done, the board members, like you and I, realize that much work lies ahead in this new year as we strive to ensure all students continue to learn and thrive in a safe, welcoming environment despite the incessant pandemic, unfinished learning, labor shortages, budget debates, and the many other challenges we face.

But we are clearly committed to the task. Keep doing what you’re doing to help meet our goals. I’ll do the same.