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Posted: June 16, 2021

Community Survey to Help APS Move Forward

Superintendent Elder encourages the APS community to complete a survey that will help the district create a result-oriented strategic plan for the years to come.


June 16, 2021

Dear Members of the APS Community,

What do you get when you combine the enthusiasm of a new superintendent with the experiences of a global pandemic and the influx of federal stimulus dollars? You get an opportunity for change. But change into what?

You tell us.

Albuquerque Public Schools is launching a campaign for change, and you, as a member of our community, play an essential role. We want to hear from you – and we promise, we will listen – as the district develops a results-oriented strategic plan for the next five years.

We are using a tool called ThoughtExchange to gather suggestions, align thoughts, and reveal common ideas. Complete the survey at your convenience. It will be available through Sunday, June 20.

APS, like public school districts across the nation, faces a host of challenges, competing priorities, and increasing student needs. We now have the chance to pause for a moment and consider what we hope for our students moving forward. Think about academic learning, social-emotional wellness, and equitable access as you respond to this survey. Your input will help create our strategic plan and align the new allocation of federal funds. 

We asked APS staff to take a similar survey a few weeks ago, and the feedback was phenomenal. But it's important that we hear from you, too. Your voice matters as we develop goals and initiatives, consider redesigning classrooms and schools, address unfinished learning, and spend funds.

Think big, but be specific—details matter.

Thanks for your time and ideas! 


Scott Elder, Superintendent
Albuquerque Public Schools