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Summer High School

Summer High School Class of 2020

Summer Graduation Transcript

A Message from Interim Superintendent Scott Elder

Greetings graduates, families, colleagues, and friends: Thank you for taking a couple of minutes to watch this video message. I promise to keep my remarks brief, but I couldn’t turn down the opportunity – the honor, really – to speak to my first group of graduating seniors as Interim Superintendent of Albuquerque Public Schools. Too often, when we think about graduation, we picture gown-clad students smiling up at a cascade of caps and tassels as proud family and friends cheer to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance.

It’s a nice image, and I’m sorry it’s not something you are able to experience as recent high school graduates.

But it’s not what graduation is about.

Graduation is about accomplishment. It’s about hard work, perseverance, sacrifice, and success.

Of course, you know that, because you are the ones who did all the hard work, with the help of people who care about you – teachers, school staff, parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends.

Still, you are the ones who persevered.

You made the sacrifices.

And you, my friends, succeeded.

That’s no small task, especially amid the triple whammy of a global pandemic, an economic crisis, and racial unrest. Throw in the heat of summer, social distancing, the challenges of online learning, and the weirdness of this virtual commencement, and you, Summer Grads, get extra points for effort.

Now we face the unknown, together. Whether you are the new APS superintendent or a member of the Graduating Class of 2020, our path forward is riddled with questions and doubt, but also with possibility and hope.

My advice – put your time and energy into the possibilities and the opportunities. Seize this moment as the unique challenge it is. Now is the time to try something new, to dare to be different, to venture forward unafraid, and also un-alone.

As someone once said, all that stands between you and the top of the ladder is the ladder. Now get climbing.

Introducing the Graduation Class of 2020

Atrisco Heritage Academy High School: Yasmin Bencomo Varela, Vanessa A. Corral, Christopher M. Garcia, Francisco Garcia, Adrian R. Gonzales, Jose Robert Herrera Jr.
“Even if you’re on the right track, you still get run over if you just sit there.”
Karina Ibarra, Ezell Michael Jones, Edgar Lerma, Christian Adrian Lopez, Joseph M. Martinez, Yoselyn A. Peinado, Katie J. Poor, Adrian Rocha, Brandon Silva, Leonardo G. Valadez, Clarissa Fernanda Vasquez

Albuquerque High School: Jasmine Bejarano
“I don’t need easy I just need possible.”
Christopher De Jesus, Leila Nahomy Garcia Vega, Juliette A. Garlick, Salma Gurrola Aguilar, Tyrese V. Jaramillo, Jaquelin Marquez Saenz, Osvaldo Nunez, Adriana Quezada-Perez, Jadan G. Roldan, Ashley A. Soto, Talita Cumy Tuquerres Vasquez, Destiny R. Valerio, Adan Andrade, Elijah J. Carter, Diego B. Corrales

Albuquerque Talent Development Academy: Tevon A. Flippin, Chloee Lucki, Severo B. Silva

Cibola High School: Mohammad E. Aman, Mohammad O. Aman, Tylan Ray Bahe, Daniel W. Cabassa, Dylan M. Cadena, Dion D. Dotson, Antonio A. Franco, Kevin R. Johnson, Adam Madriaga, Nathaniel Perea, Christianna M. Ramirez

Del Norte High School: Cesar Gaitan, Barbra R. Hipsher, Alejandro Islas, Zoe X. Sakiestewa

eCADEMY High School: Mathew S. De La Vega, Vianney V. Fraire, Israel D. Luna, Joshua A. Martin, Tanner McMurrough, Alyssa Redhouse
“It take courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
Baraa Nasser, Jaymes A. Zapien

Eldorado High School: Shaylon P. Enote, Chonthicha Kaewdonprai, Chase A. Robertson

Freedom High School: Tearnie C. Elliott, Franchesca Mantilla, Ashley R. Romero, Grant Stephens

Highland High School: Jesus Flores, Angel M. Gutierrez, Chyanne N. Holcomb, Bienvenu Masudi, Amanda M. McDonald, Edreade J. Stapleton

La Cueva High School: Xavier Enote-Martinez
“I have overcome a lot in my short life, and I have so much still to accomplish. I am proud of where I am.”
Carlos Jay Esquivel, Connor Allen Kemp, Declan L. Sanchez

Manzano High School: Miguel A. Avila, David Blount, Richard A. Estrada, Angelica P. Gonzales, Aaliyah R. Manquero, Pablo J. Mizicko, Kasmir A. Penn, Carmine D. Scelza, Jenna Jolene Snapka, Jerrel R. White

nex+Gen Academy High School: Lenae A. Kurley

Rio Grande High School: Alexis Renee Aranda, Juan Rene Geraldo Arroyo, Destiny L. Garcia, Jered C. Hogan, Nicole J. Hults, Angelina Rose Lopez, Paola Munoz Villa, Brandon Oswaldo Reyna Rodriguez, Michael Dominic Sanchez, Luis Abraham Vasquez Armendariz

Sandia High School: Andres P. Aragon, Christopher Burdick, Julian J. Elerby
“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”
Mckenzie A. Jaramillo, Michael C. Lonelodge, Leslee Ramirez

Valley High School: Sonsis Astor, Daniel I. Corona, Delena A. Gonzalez, Anthony Romero, Kayla Tapia, Brianna Villalobos

Volcano Vista High School: Joseph A. Camacho, Kevin M. Cordova, Isaac Duran, Brandon Herrera, Marcus M. Maxwell, Jeffrey M. Moretti, Sophia M. Pando

West Mesa High Schoo: Cesia Alvarado, Julian Chagoya, Esteban E. Herrera, Job Caleb Maes, Janessa D. Rosales

Class of 2020 Congratulations Graduates