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Choice Check: Graduate!

High schools diplomas open the door to more learning, opportunity, and success

College and Career High School No two high school graduates are alike, nor are their journeys to this important pinnacle in life.

Some attended large, traditional high schools, where they played sports or participated in extracurricular activities. Others went to magnet schools with a concentrated focus on science or fine arts or technology.

Some graduate with college credits, certifications, or even an associate's degree. Others take a little longer, going to summer school to make up credits missed for various reasons.

The obligation of Albuquerque Public Schools is to help more and more of our students make it to the finish line. As we celebrate our graduates each year in May, we continue to work on behalf of the children who are coming up behind them, who deserve the same opportunity, who are depending on us to help them earn that high school diploma that will open the door to more learning, opportunity, security and, yes, even happiness. 


  • Graduate from a traditional high school
  • Graduate from a magnet high school
  • Graduate with honors
  • Graduate with college credits
  • Graduate with an associate’s degree
  • Graduate with an internship or mentorship
  • Graduate with scholarships
  • Graduate with a job
  • Graduate early
  • Graduate in the summer
  • Be a high school graduate!

More Information

Check with your high school counselor to make sure you are on track to graduate. High school directory