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Career-Based Learning

Choice Check: Career-Based Learning

Courses that give students a jump start on careers. APS students can jump-start their careers by taking classes at the Career Enrichment Center or their home schools.

Career Enrichment Center (CEC)

The Career Enrichment Center is an APS magnet school that provides opportunities for advanced, in-depth learning. Students take their core classes at their home high school and unique courses from various career areas at CEC. 

CEC and its sister school, the Early College Academy, were named a National Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education.  

CEC Courses Offered

Some of the courses offered at CEC include:

Career and Technical Education 

Students should consider a career based on their own interests, abilities, and needs. Everyone has the right to work in a field that provides a sense of personal satisfaction. APS high schools offer Programs of Study that allow students to explore job opportunities and connect secondary and postsecondary education leading to careers. 

The components of a Program of Study are: 

  • A sequence of courses including a clear connection to a post-secondary program
  • Association in a career technical education student organization 
  • Worksite training experience including internships, job shadowing, and pre-apprenticeships while in high school

Programs of Study Offered 

Some of the programs offered at APS high schools include: 

  • Construction Technologies
  • Restaurants and Food/Beverages Services
  • Audio and Video Technology and Film
  • Education and Training
  • General Business
  • Automotive Technologies
  • Architecture
  • Welding
  • Engineering
  • College Field Trips 

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