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Information and authorization forms for nursing services.

Administering Medication

  • If possible, all medications should be given at home.
  • If medications must be given during school hours they shall be administered in compliance with the New Mexico Administrative Code, New Mexico Nursing Practice Act, New Mexico School Health Manual Standards, and the APS procedural directive.
  • All medication administration at school requires the parent to provide the appropriate medication authorization form to be completed and signed by the student's parent and/or medical provider.

About Medication Authorization Forms

  • All APS medication authorization forms are posted on this web page and can be downloaded by parents and or providers for completion.
  • Providers may require the parent to sign a Release of Information due to HIPAA regulations before completing the Medical Authorization Form for administration of medication at school. Please contact your provider to determine their requirements for completing this school form.

For Questions or More Information

Contact your school nurse for additional explanation of these requirements.

Download Medical Forms

Special Nutrition Forms

Special Diet Authorization, Permission to Feed Orally and G-tube Feeding Orders