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Student of the Week

Posted: October 18, 2021

Student of the Week Lucca Hamlin

4th grader at Hubert Humphrey Elementary School

What Lucca's parents say about him: Lucca is such a wonderful child. He is full of joy and compassion. Lucca is always ready to go spend time with his family and friends and always finds a way to make others smile. Lucca enjoys learning new things and is always engaged in whatever activity is in front of him.

What Lucca's teacher says about him: Lucca Is THE BEST KID!  Lucca is a very hard worker in class. He takes his time to get it correct and to make sure he has a true understanding of the subject. He is the first one to help when needed. He is friends with everyone! He is kind, polite, smart, funny, and just an overall great kid!

Favorite subject: Lucca’s favorite subject is math because he enjoys figuring out the solution and learning new things.

Hobbies and activities: Lucca loves to play soccer for his team, AUFC Timbers 11s, running track with Dukes Youth Track Club, and playing piano. In school, Lucca enjoys library day, art/music, and P.E.

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