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Student of the Week

Posted: March 14, 2022

Student of the Week Jathen Priddy

5th grader at Mission Avenue Elementary School

Nusenda Credit Union, in partnership with the APS Education Foundation, highlights an APS student each week.

What Jathen's parents say about him: Jathen is thoughtful, kind, and a leader. He likes to Jhelp others and enjoys making others laugh by telling jokes. He works hard in school and strives to do his best in and out of school. His competitive nature gives him the drive to pursue his dreams. We are so proud of him.

What Jathen's teachers say about him: Jathen likes to help others and works hard to improve his academic skills. He is witty and has fun in school.

Favorite subject: PE and math. Jathen is active and loves to work towards his exercise goals, especially jump roping. He likes math because it is fun. He likes fractions.

Hobbies and activities: Jathen enjoys being outdoors. He enjoys fishing and collecting rocks and bugs. He loves to care for animals especially his dog Aspen and his bearded dragon, Drake. He competes in Jr. Wrestling and plays flag football.

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