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Student of the Week

Posted: September 13, 2021

Student of the Week Solomon Gbara Jr.

Senior at Sandia High School

What Solomon likes about school: I like the various opportunities found in school, whether that be volunteering at a specific event or running an event with a group/team. I also enjoy building relationships with students who strive to get the most out of their education.

Favorite subject: My favorite class is IB Business Management. I love this class because I never found myself interested in entrepreneurship and business management until I decided to take this class and step out of my comfort zone. This class has taught me many things about business and has allowed me to explore my interests outside of the classroom.

Activities and hobbies: I’ve participated in a number of extracurricular activities such as AP Ambassadors which is a group of students collaborating to raise money for students who may have been facing financial struggles paying for the AP tests. I’m also a part of the Peer Helpers program, Dance Marathon, and National Honors Society. I’ve also started a couple of clubs of my own: College prep, and the Video Production Team. Additionally, I often go to the gym to work on my physical fitness and advocate for mental health by practicing self-care in my everyday life. I enjoy computer programming and learning about computers and their capabilities.

A note from Solomon's principal: One of the reasons we selected him is because he represented Sandia this summer at the American Legion's Boys' State, and while there, was selected to represent New Mexico at Boys' Nation in Washington, D.C. 

Plans for the future: After high school, I hope to create software that combats the technological/global issues our current social media apps pose. I strive to do my best to help others every day in the best way I can while respecting my own boundaries, and I hope to continue to do this in the future. I’d like to give back to my community one day in the future by developing an organization that tackles the issues that our communities are facing today. I’d like to use everything I’ve learned and continue to learn from my experiences that I’ve made throughout my years at Sandia High school to better serve humanity in a way that is safe, healthy, and more importantly, inspirational so that others are inspired to help and give back to their communities.

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