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News from 2023-2024

Posted: June 11, 2024

A Look at the Class of 2024

APS graduates have big plans for the future.

Atrisco Heritage Academy High School graduates.

Atrisco Heritage Academy High School graduates.

Close to half are planning to attend a four-year college or university. About a fifth will enroll at a community college. Another 8% will attend a trade school, take part in an apprenticeship program, or go to a fine arts school. Five will attend one of our nation’s prestigious military academies.

The graduates of Albuquerque Public Schools Class of 2024 have big plans.

In all, the APS Class of 2024 includes 4,349 students, and they’re in line to receive more than $45 million in scholarships, not including New Mexico Lottery or New Mexico Opportunity scholarships.

What follows is a look at what those graduates plan to do in the coming months, based on the APS Senior Exit Survey, which was sent to students graduating from APS comprehensive and magnet high schools.

Some 4,250 students responded to the 2024 APS Senior Exit Survey. Of those:

  • 48.3% (2,053) are planning to attend a four-year college or university
  • 20.3% (862) will be attending a two-year college or community college
  • 8.2% (349) will be attending a trade school/fine arts school/apprenticeship
  • 0.1% (5) will attend a military academy
  • 2.3% (98) are enlisting in the military
  • 6.3% (266) plan to work full-time
  • 5.5% (232) are planning to take a gap year
  • 0.4% (16) will be doing Transition Services
  • 7.1% (303) are undecided
  • 1.6% (67) marked other

Of the students reporting that they will be attending a post-secondary institution:

  • 85.7% plan to attend an in-state school
  • 14.3% plan to attend an out-of-state school

Top Colleges/Universities:

  • 47% plan to attend the University of New Mexico
  • 27.1% are enrolling at Central New Mexico Community College
  • 5.5% are headed to New Mexico State University
  • 1.1% will attend New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
  • 1% are going to Texas Tech University