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News from 2022-2023

Posted: October 1, 2022

COVID & Flu Shot Clinics

APS partners will hold flu and COVID shot clinics at APS schools and facilities in October.

What You Need to Know

  • No appointment is needed for flu shots.
  • Appointments aren't required for COVID shots but are recommended. Make an appointment
  • The updated COVID-19 boosters are formulated to better protect against the most recently circulating variant. They can help restore protection that has waned since previous vaccination and were designed to provide broader protection against newer variants.
  • The CDC recommends COVID vaccines for everyone ages 6 months and older and boosters for everyone eligible ages 5 years and older. Stay Up to Date with Your Vaccines
  • Most shot clinics will be held at APS schools.
  • The clinics on Oct. 4 and 11 will be held at Berna Facio Professional Development Center, 3315 Louisiana Blvd. NE. 
  • COVID and flu shots will also be available at the annual APS Employee Wellness Fair on Oct. 6. 

Shot Clinics Schedule  

Oct. 3 Tres Volcanes Community Collaborative School  2-5 p.m. 
Oct. 4 Berna Facio Room 103 2-5 p.m. 
Oct. 4  Highland High School noon-6 p.m. 
Oct. 5 Manzano Mesa Elementary School  1-6 p.m. 
Oct. 11  Berna Facio Room 103 2-5 p.m.
Oct. 14  Georgia O'Keeffe Elementary School  1-6 p.m. 
Oct. 17 Garfield Middle School  1-6 p.m. 
Oct. 19  Cleveland Middle School  10 a.m.-1 p.m. 
Oct. 22  Roosevelt Middle School  11 a.m.-2 p.m. 
Oct. 26  Mission Avenue Elementary School  1-6 p.m. 
Oct. 28  North Star Elementary School  2-6 p.m.