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Posted: October 11, 2021

Political Campaigning at APS

Frequently Asked Questions

For Employees 

Can I wear my favorite candidate’s t-shirt or button to work?

Staff is permitted to wear buttons or clothing that supports a candidate while working or during school hours. 

Can I use my APS email to promote my favorite candidate?

No. According to the Technology Acceptable Use Policy, promotion of one candidate or position over another is not allowed.

Can we post-election information on school marquees?

Yes, you can put the election date and ask people to vote on a school marquee. However, you cannot tell them or suggest to them HOW to vote.

Can I have a bumper sticker on a car in a school parking lot?


For Candidates and Supporters

What can I distribute on campus?

Candidates and their representatives may distribute campaign materials near but not on school property. That means that you can stand just outside the property line. A sidewalk next to a school fence, for example, would be a legitimate location for distributing campaign material, but a school parking lot would not.

On Election Day, state law prohibits campaigning within 100 feet of the polling locations.  State law allows candidates to place campaign signs on school property — at the precinct locations only — as long as they are more than 100 feet away from the polling location. The Election Inspectors are responsible for overseeing this rule and are very familiar with what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. APS principals and district employees will not get involved.

Where can I campaign for myself or my favorite political candidate?

You may campaign near, but not on school property. You may greet parents and employees at school ground entrances and exits but may not follow them onto school property or to the school parking lot.

What about after-school hours?

These rules apply whenever school is in session, or there is a school-sponsored event.

I’m a parent. Can I wear a political t-shirt when I drop my child off at school?

Citizens can wear promotional buttons and clothing supporting candidates within APS school buildings. However, they are not allowed to campaign.  Meeting with a teacher, picking up or dropping off a student, etc., while wearing something supporting a candidate, is not to be interpreted as campaigning.

Where can I post signs?

Candidates may not place campaign promotional signs on any school property except on Election Day.

Campaigning on District Property

Elected officials, candidates for elective office and/or their representatives shall not post or distribute campaign materials and/or greet employees and students on district property unless it is Election Day as provided by state statute.  

Persons shall not solicit contributions for any political campaign or receive, collect, handle, or disburse contributions or other funds for any political campaign within or on any district property. 

Election Day

Campaigning near the building where a polling place is located shall only be permitted as provided by state statute on Election Day.

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