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Posted: April 10, 2018

Meet Selfless Senior Gilbert Carrillo

We continue to introduce the 2018 Selfless Seniors who will be recognized during the Gold Bar Gala on April 27.

 Gilbert has excelled at West Mesa High School through this participation in hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs provided by the Navy JROTC.  Gilbert, or “Gill” as he’s known to his friends, has already faced serious adversity in his young life, including becoming a homeless student during his sophomore year.  Gill was given a place to live by a very generous and kind family who have helped him, and now Gill spends his time helping his fellow students.  He serves as a tutor and mentor to his fellow students, helping them not only with their schoolwork, but also as a guide and friend when they face difficult situations at home. 

Gill is dedicated to improving his community by volunteering for various organizations that support veterans as well as a host of organizations that help those with chronic health conditions.  Major Mark Hendricks of West Mesa High School’s Navy JROTC writes, “I’ve been the Senior Naval Science Instructor at West Mesa High School for twenty years.  In that time, I’ve seen many students who have folded up under life’s pressure, and who have lived limited lives because of it.  Gill’s tenacity and sheer will to succeed drive him to success.  He is absolutely uncommon among most high school students.  When others are failing and blaming their circumstances, Gill succeeds and moves ahead.  Gill’s leadership by example, his absolute dedication to success and his strength of character have greatly improved our program and assisted many other students struggling with the difficulties of life.”

Thanks to the generosity of Frank Frost Photography, Gilbert, and the 13 other 2018 Selfless Seniors will also be recognized at the Gold Bar Gala on April 27, 2018.

The Gold Bar Gala, presented by Award Sponsors Comcast, RayLee Homes: A New Generation and Technology Integration Group, raises money for school and classroom grants awarded through the APS Education Foundation.

Tickets are on sale now. For more information on Selfless Seniors and the Gold Bar Gala, please visit or contact Lawren McConnell at 505-855-5273 or email

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