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News from 2021-2022

Posted: January 3, 2022

Choice Check for January: Black Student Union

Advocating, empowering, teaching, and exploring the Black experience

During the 2021-2022 school year, APS is highlighting some of our many programs through a monthly feature called Choice Checks. One of the advantages of being a large urban-suburban-rural school district is offering so many choices. The APS Choice Checks webpage as well as the 2021-2022 wall calendar distributed to families and employees across the district, feature just a few of the many educational opportunities we provide students – from dual language and dual credit, career-based and college-based learning, college prep and marketable job skills, fine arts and competitive sports.

The volunteer organization at several APS high schools promotes education, culture, and community, emphasizing mentorships, college readiness, and service-learning.

Advisors serve as role models. Older students mentor younger ones. They talk about school, but they also chat about what's going on in their lives, and they offer help when needed.   

Membership is diverse – students don’t have to be African American to belong to the Black Student Union. In addition to the academic and social benefits, the groups expect their members to volunteer their time to help others, learn about their culture and history, and apply for scholarships. They take trips to visit state colleges and universities as well as Historically Black Colleges. 

BSU students are expected to maintain a 2.0 GPA, attend 80 percent of meetings, complete two service-learning projects, and be good at school. As a result of the high expectations and support provided by the BSU, nearly all of its members graduate from high school, and many go on to college or trade school.

What BSUs Do 

  • Advocate, Empower, Teach, and Explore the Black Experience
  • Provide Academic Support
  • Support Academic Achievement
  • Emphasize Service Learning and Community Service
  • Provide Mentorships, Leadership Training, Scholarships, and Internships
  • Tour Local Universities and Historically Black Colleges
  • Develop Business and Community Partnerships
  • Celebrate Rites of Passage 

More Information

Check with your high school to see if they have a Black Student Union among their extracurricular activities.