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Posted: October 25, 2021

APS Breaks Ground on Electric Solar Panel Generation and Storage Project

Atrisco Heritage Academy High School will be the site of this first of its kind, clean energy project in Albuquerque Public Schools.

The project contains: 

  • 2,208 roof-mounted electricity-producing solar panels generating 850 Kilo-Watts of electric power
  • Tesla Megapack 2-energy storage system that has an electricity storing capacity of 2884 kWh
  • Annual electricity production/storage of 1.3 Giga-Watts for Atrisco Heritage Academy High School
  • An estimated savings of $3.5 million over 25 years on the school's electricity bill
  • Potential future use of the school as a regional neighborhood power shelter

The project has a budget of $3.2 million. It is a joint initiative of Albuquerque Public Schools, Sandia National Laboratories, the U.S. Department of Energy, the New Mexico Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department, the Clean Energy States Alliance, and OE Solar, a local solar power design and construction company.


  • Atrisco Heritage Academy High School – a 505,880 square-foot complex on 65 acres – is the state's largest high school, serving 2,200 students. It is also the district's newest high school, which was built in 2012.
  • APS schools and office buildings total more than 15 million square feet spread over 1,230 square miles.  
  • APS has an electric utility bill of over $50,000 every day.
  • Given its massive utility footprint, APS has institutionalized energy savings and efficiency as part of its building and operational standards over the past decade. All new and renovated facilities have solar arrays installed, and all new construction is designed to meet LEED energy-efficient standards.
  • The Atrisco Heritage Academy High School photovoltaic and battery storage project is the latest step in the district's ultimate goal of safe energy-efficient facilities that will conserve taxpayer resources as well as our region's natural environment.

“This project is another step in our long-term commitment to environmental responsibility. APS is proud to be at the forefront of solar power and energy storage deployment in the public school sector,” said Karen Alarid, APS executive director of capital.