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News from 2019-2020

Posted: October 28, 2019

Congrats to Our Pageant of the Band Winners

Several APS high school marching bands took home trophies.

Class 5A winners La Cueva HS

Class 5A winners La Cueva HS

Marching bands from all 13 comprehensive Albuquerque Public Schools high schools competed in the 40th annual New Mexico Pageant of Bands on Saturday, Oct. 26, at Wilson Stadium.

The high school bands competed against those of comparable size, beginning with the smallest in the morning. A total of 29 bands from across the state took part in the competition.

Here are this year's winners of the Pageant of the Bands:  

Class 1A

  • 1st: West Mesa
  • 2nd: Del Norte
  • 3rd: Valley
  • People's Choice: Kirtland Central 

Class 2A

  • 1st: Piedra Vista
  • 2nd: Belen
  • 3rd: Shiprock
  • People's Choice: Piedra Vista

Class 3A

  • 1st: Goddard
  • 2nd: Albuquerque
  • 3rd: Sandia
  • People's Choice: Sandia

Class 4A

  • 1st: Centennial
  • 2nd: Volcano Vista
  • 3rd: Los Lunas
  • People's Choice: Centennial

Class 5A

  • 1st: La Cueva
  • 2nd: Eldorado
  • 3rd: Cleveland
  • People's Choice: Eldorado

Outstanding Brass

  • 1A: West Mesa
  • 2A: Piedra Vista
  • 3A: Goddard
  • 4A: Centennial
  • 5A: Eldorado

Outstanding Color Guard

  • 1A: Valley
  • 2A: Piedra Vista
  • 3A: Sandia
  • 4A: Centennial
  • 5A: Canyon

Outstanding Drum Major

  • 1A: Kirtland Central
  • 2A: Belen
  • 3A: Goddard
  • 4A: Los Lunas
  • 5A: Canyon

Outstanding Percussion

  • 1A: West Mesa
  • 2A: Piedra Vista
  • 3A: Albuquerque
  • 4A: Centennial
  • 5A: Cleveland

Outstanding Soloist

  • 1A: West Mesa trombone solo
  • 2A: Piedra Vista horn solo
  • 3A: Farmington trombone solo
  • 4A: Centennial flute solo
  • 5A: Eldorado guitar solo

Outstanding Woodwinds

  • 1A: West Mesa
  • 2A: Piedra Vista
  • 3A: Goddard
  • 4A: Cibola
  • 5A: Rio Rancho