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Student Advisors Tackle Improving Graduation Rates

Posted February 19, 2016, 1:15 PM. Updated March 8, 2016, 11:45 AM.

Student consultants to the superintendent give input on why students drop out as they help develop a plan for the district.

The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council is tackling the big issue of improving graduation rates for the district.  The students who meet monthly with Superintendent Raquel Reedy said that students are dropping out for a variety of reasons. 

Students told Reedy that their peers drop out because some are lazy, school is not challenging for them, and they also need to find work to support their family.

Every single member of SuperSAC told the Superintendent that they knew of someone who had dropped out.  “One of my closest and best friends was contemplating dropping out and I talked to him for many months,” said Volcano Vista student Matt Andreoni.  “In the end he did not feel like school was for him, but I’m glad we are taking on this issue because getting a high school diploma is so important.”

The students will be getting feedback from their school communities on what can be done to address dropouts.  In addition, students will be asked what teachers, parents, fellow students, community members, district officials, and elected officials can do to help.

Students will continue to develop their plans over the next few months and present their suggestions to the Superintendent in April.